Sunday, August 17, 2008

Edmond Wollmann and Nicoletta Gentile's Narcissism - Two Peas in a Pod

Another example of how narcissists manipulate and twist reality can be found in Nicoletta Gentile's (pictured in the overtly pixilated photo at left) longstanding smear campaign against the late Sanford Schnoll, MD. Edmond Wollmann has continually used Nicoletta's vicious blog article attack of me as an example of his accusations being true.

I was once a patient of Dr. Schnoll at Aneu Skin Care in San Francisco in 2004 for IPL treatments. These expensive series of treatments commonly cause one's facial appearance to appear beat up for 2-3 days. These kind of procedures always have a certain amount of risk associated with them that is fully disclosed within a written agreement. There are countless stories in the skin care industry, including laser electrolysis procedures, of similar scarring, bruising and even blisters. Neoskin, a place I recently went for electrolysis, told me of stories of their patients having blisters from the procedure from their older machines. Lasers, that use conductive heat, can cause problems for certain skin types but the effects go away within days.

Last year when I visited to post my review of Aneu after learning of Dr. Schnoll's death, I noted an extremely long winded review from a "Nicoletta N". She had several photos posted of her face as it was shortly after the procedure. In fact, her review came only 5 days prior to Dr. Schnoll dying from a heart attack at the tender age of 40. I noted that, though the scarring seemed worse then my experience, it was part of the process that required a typical 2-3 days of healing for most patients. When I asked Dr. Schnoll in 2004 if anyone ever had a bad reaction to his procedure he responded just one had, that I now know was obviously Nicoletta.

I later learned the extremes Nicoletta took was to attack Dr. Schnoll as being a greedy negligent doctor who only cared about his wallet. Dr. Schnoll had, in fact, been well known for donating thousands of dollars to AIDS foundations and various charities throughout his life. Nicoletta's narcissism to overcome what she perceived as negligence on the doctor's behalf, took to new heights in an Inside Edition piece several years ago in an attempt to damage Dr. Schnoll's reputation and business. Nicoletta used her wedding day in 2002 to get publicity for herself in showing how her face appeared for the wedding. Who in their right mind would take a risk with such a procedure just a few days prior to their wedding day with? The potential risks were presented to Nicoletta prior to the procedure whose narcissism overrode any possibility of complications. Clearly, it wasn't really Dr. Schnoll's fault, but Nicoletta's own narcissism and poor judgment.

A narcissist often twists reality and facts to suit their desired outcome. Instead of recognizing it was her poor judgment and timing that caused the problem, Nicoletta chose an endless smear campaign against the doctor. The narcissism accelerated Nicoletta to new heights in her need for attention with the Inside Edition report itself. Most people would take a doctor's alleged negligence issue to the courts as a means of addressing it. Since Nicoletta had no valid case against Dr. Schnoll for negligence, she continued to smear his name in all avenues imaginable until the day he died in 2006 at the age of 40.

Her favorite book she professed on her Yelp profile at the time was Negotiating with the Dead. Nicoletta also had ended her Yelp review of Aneu claiming her belief that karma would win out. Five days later, Dr. Schnoll died an untimely death. Having been in a certain degree of shock from Dr. Schnoll's passing at a youthful age of 40, then of reading her coincidental information, I sent her a message about the timing of her post and book choice as a form of precognition or otherwise. Nicoletta later took my message(s) and went on another vicious smear campaign. Portraying me as a bully, Nicoletta was playing the victim once again. The blog article Nicoletta later wrote was used by Edmond Wollmann who declared on his many blogs that I was a criminal stalking her.

This is an example of how narcissists often twist reality and form alliances who will go to all ends of the earth to keep their narcissistic vision of themselves in tact regardless of the facts. Did Dr. Schnoll actually injure this woman? Anyone who had the procedure could have claimed the same thing and put up photos of our bruised scarred faces with a little Photoshop work. Any one of us could have taken our facial scars after the procedure and claimed we were abused and victimized by Dr. Schnoll. See Nicoletta's 11 photos on Yelp.

Only a narcissist could possibly conduct a huge media smear campaign of this nature for over 5 years years and involve her wedding to get attention. When Dr. Schnoll died five days after Nicoletta's Yelp review, she had no empathy or compassion lashing out at anyone who let her know how irrational her claims were that possibly led to stress and his ultimate death of a heart attack. In a message on Yelp, I let her know I had nearly the same bruising and scarring.

After the procedure was performed on me, people at work thought I had a boyfriend who beat me up. Had I been ill I could have played the role of a victim and paraded my alleged injuries to the media and friends, put pictures on the Internet and accuse the doctor of overcharging me due to his greed. I was forewarned the laser procedure could cause up to three days of down time in public.

In all of her photos, Nicoletta appears to have a bad sunburn many people experience in their lives who don't protect their face when skiing or boating. (The photo at right is a bad sunburn victim from the website In fact, I've seen Kristy McNichol's photo with a worse face burn from her sailing trip then Nicoletta's in her photo expose. There was no real injury caused to Nicoletta except that of her ego, image and obvious disclosure of poor judgment to have a procedure done just prior to her wedding. The photo at right is an example of what a real botchted IPL treatment looks like.

Edmond Wollmann's republishing Nicoletta's libelous article she had since taken down was vicious and mean spirited. The article falsely portrayed me as a bully and associated me with the abuse she perceived from the late Dr. Schnoll. For these reasons, I wanted to provide why I originally contacted her on Yelp. She later included me as part of her victimization role rather unfairly. One can't overlook the subliminal message in Nicoletta's face markings as having allegedly been abused by someone being linked to my name in some way.

Nearing completion of my paralegal certificate course, I know Nicoletta can only file a frivolous lawsuit against me from this article post. Such a lawsuit would be responded to with a legally valid request for dismissal, a cross-complaint and request for legal costs.

"When deciding whom to trust, bear in mind that the combination of consistently bad or egregiously inadequate behavior with frequent plays for your pity is as close to a warning mark on a conscienceless person's forehead as you will ever be given."