Saturday, January 3, 2009

Big Brother Edmond Wollmann's Latest Crap

Imagine waking up one morning to an email from someone who is tracking you like Big Brother, in which such a person accuses you of being fired from every job you've ever worked at. That's what it's like being a victim of Edmond Wollmann. He will not stop making his victims feel as if they're under surveillance 24 hours a day. If this man could get away with placing cameras in my home I'm sure he'd do so.

This morning I got a nasty email through the Yelp system under my member name accusing me of being fired from every job I've ever worked at. Wollmann obviously scoured my Yelp reviews in which I had reviewed a bad employment agency.

I will counter his accusation, as I'm sure he's posting more libel and lies, by providing evidence I survived at Kirkland & Ellis LLP, a law firm recognized as an extremely difficult culture in the San Francisco area, for two years. The position was newly created and my only two predecessors were fired within months.

I survived a very difficult position serving the entire legal staff at night without one complaint for missed deadlines or work quality. Kirkland deliberately burned me out in the position refusing to hire additional staff in spite of the fact t
hey added an entire 1.5 floors to my workload. I complained about my workflow issues a few times and they said bye-bye. It wasn't my fault, it was this law firm's poor management and political culture why I couldn't survive beyond two years. They also provide matching 401K donations after an employee's two year anniversary which is why they prefer to burn out employees. Prior to that I worked at another brutal law firm, Pillsbury Winthrop, for 3.5 years and wasn't fired there.

An example of this law firm's culture is best exemplified in how the Director of Administration, Ms. Recht, is a huge fan of Kirkland's special counsel, Kenneth Starr who often visited the office. Kenneth Starr was the insane prosecutor in the Clinton Impeachment scandal and recently filed a brief in favor of the Gay/Lesbian anti marriage Proposition 8 (link).

I'm posting my job offer letter from 2004 and the 2006 review and bonus document I received in response to whatever crazy posts this man is putting up on me to libel my name. I was instructed to counter Wollmann's libel with reality, real documents, real facts. My work was considered "high quality" by an extremely demanding law firm such that I was the first person in the position who had ever received a raise and bonus. The others who preceded me were terminated within months.

Edmond Wollmann has had his own astrological consulting business the past decade. He's had a PO Box he's hidden behind for years because he's not a legitimate business owner who obviously fears lawsuits.

Seeing how this man isn't stopping his surveillance, I've decided to purchase a firearm. Seriously, I'm buying a gun for my own protection. I can legally own one, Wollmann can't because of his criminal record.