Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Body Bag Awaits Edmond Wollmann in San Francisco

Let there be no doubt who will prevail should Edmond Wollmann ever have the audacity to come onto my property and anywhere near my vicinity in San Francisco. With all of his postings for the world to see, along with his stalking trespassing criminal background, I would be most justified in defending myself from this psycho thug in the eyes of the law.

We've got security cameras in our building everywhere too. Our building manager is fully aware of this moronic imbecile's posting threats and activities. Coincidentally, she's a real astrologer who once did my chart for me. She said she's never heard of an astrologer named Edmond Wollmann and he's not recognized in astrological circles as a credible source of information on astrology.

Should Edmond Wollmann ever come up to San Francisco to pay me a visit, he will be leaving in a body bag.