Thursday, February 5, 2009

Edmond Wollmann's a Parasite Latching onto a Host

I get Google blog alerts for Kristy McNichol, who is still considered a public figure in some capacity. It isn't an unlawful form of cyberstalking. Nor is my placing links to her photos on this blog a form of stalking. Today I saw a Google alert come in under Kristy McNichol's name with my name all over it, obviously the work of madman cyberstalking creep Edmond Wollmann.

The very nature of Edmond Wollmann's cyberstalking and harassment of me can be extracted from his blog (shown here as a Google alert in my mailbox). I can't believe this guy is still, two years later, combing the Internet searching for me. Apparently he discovered from my videos I'm the author of several Hub Pages articles under the ID Chicken Little. Big deal!

What a pathetic individual Edmond Wollmann is. I really don't see how parasites like this can survive among real men. Really, how can this idiot survive, and why does he have this kind of time on his hands when the State of California is going bankrupt as well as many others in the country?

When the global economy collapses, the dollar equals zero, water and food shortages come, I don't think Edmond Wollmann will be able to continue to have this kind of time on his hands. I'm hoping he will be dislodged from his host very shortly.

I don't know an Edmond Wollmann, have never spoken with nor met this crazy person. He contacted by email posing as a fan.