Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Hacker's Work Turned Over to

Today a hacker managed to get a Google alert of an alleged blog article sent out with Kristy McNichol's name into my mailbox. It was a criminal's cloaked phish website setup to simulate a former blog address of mine from over a year ago. Here's the hacker's work:

When I clicked on the link in my email, it brought me to the same exact blog address of an abandoned blog I no longer use, obviously cloaked. Cloaking means in the URL address it showed the exact same blog address though it really wasn't. The person didn't break into my blogger account, having just used this trick of a hacker's trade to place his page where my former blog was. All the page source coding appeared original. The phish page was completely undetectable as being from another web site URL that it was.

This is an example of a sick, controlling SOB, sociopath's mindset. He can't handle reality so he plays imaginary police on the Internet. Fortunately, Internet 2.0 is well on its way and all of this garbage is going to be erased. He thinks he's showing me how powerful he is.

I passed a DOJ, FBI background check a few months ago - I sent in my electronic fingerprints. I'm not under investigation. This hacker's work has been forwarded to Google to note new tricks of a hacker's trade. What this hacker is doing is unlawful and simulates setting up phishing sites that criminals use to collect passwords from people. What they do is send an email with a link that appears to be the real site, to get victimes to submit their passwords to steal from their bank accounts. It's unlawful to set up these kind of sites. In fact, much of what Edmond Wollmann does on-line is unlawful and can easily land him in prison one day.

One can witness how criminals such as Edmond Wollmann try to implicate their victims in their crimes because they are spineless cowards. Everything he is doing now will one day be thoroughly gone over by professionals. Google can access their blog alerts under keywords and dates to do their analysis if they want to know who is unlawfully abusing their alert system for phishing purposes.

Edmond Wollmann encompasses a politically corrupt, insidiously evil personality as a sign of the times.