Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Narcissists Love to Backstabb Their Victims and Hoard Beef Jerky

Imagine how you'd feel if someone kept telling you you're going to get a pay off of beef jerky, your favorite food, as long as you continue to do what they ask such as work a job far below your usual wage. You love beef jerky so you keep doing a good job awaiting the arrival of the date they claimed you'd receive your payoff of jerky.

You're so excited about the prospect of the jerky, you just keep along their path trusting their word. They promised! They said it was a sure thing. "It's absolutely yours," she said. "I may even be able to get you a desk early prior to the jerky's arrival."
You wait 2 long months and casually one day she says "things have changed, you can't have the jerky, but another batch is on the way." Your mouth watering and excitement high, you are completely devastated. Your jaw drops, your face elongates as if the world is coming to an end. You are practically speechless without words to express how you feel and she offers no apology for misleading you. To her, it's no big deal what she's put you through.

The fact is you haven't waited a mere few months, but many years of hard core long eye straining, neck breaking hours for an opportunity to have beef jerky with the others. In other words, an opportunity to merely work during the day from having been stuck in night support jobs. You merely wanted your share of jerky to live life like other people during normal daylight hours. You've worked hard enduring horrendous work conditions and this was your first real opportunity many others take for granted.

After your utter devastation, she then sets up a meeting with the sales person for the jerky to introduce you to the possibility of getting the jerky again. The reality is the sales person has none in stock, that is for you anyway. He is out of stock for you, because the rest of his inventory is reserved. Yet, you remain hopeful and patient based on her promise you would definitely get the jerky one day if you did what they asked. They continue to lead you to believe your payoff is near so you do good work for them.

In spite of your being denied jerky, you observe those around you eating tons of jerky each day. In fact, one fat lady they seat you next too has a ton of jerky at her desk. She actually removed some jerky from your desk prior to your arrival so you couldn't enjoy some. She has so much jerky, you can barely see her behind the piles that sit on her desk. She's clearly hoarding the jerky. A few days later to your utter horror you are casually told there was NEVER any jerky all along and all of your work and efforts were for nothing. You know they are lying to you because everyone else is stuffing their faces with jerky each day.

I can't imagine what kind of person I'd be if I promised people beef jerky who were drooling and hungry, having waited for months working for it. Then, only to pull the rug out from under them one day claiming I never had any to give because I reserved it all for my chosen friends. All while thinking nothing of it! Like her I'd think "it's all part of the game, it's allowable what I've done. It's the way of the world, it's just the way things are."

How can they do this to people, to deliberately lie and tease with offers of jerky only to withhold it in order to enjoy their devastation? I try to put myself in their position and
can't really imagine what a hard core bitch I'd be to do this. I'd have to be on the level of Sheila Rogers (Good Earth Restaurant, 1992) or some other ordained princess to believe I had a right to do this to people because that's just the way of the world.

I guess this would be the kind of person who would take her younger brother's underwear and toss it outside onto a tree limb and laugh all the while. This is the same person who so bullied and drove her brother nuts that he moved to redneck
Colorado where he refuses to speak with her from all of her endless torment throughout his childhood.

Narcissists suck! All they do is talk and think about themselves 100% of the time and stomp all over others using them. They set up their victims to fail and get off on power trips. I'm tired of serving these people and their illness.

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