Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Will the Coming Great Depression Be the End of Edmond Wollmann?

I'm really hoping the Great Depression will put an end to this parasite Edmond Wollmann very soon. I'm thinking within the next 2-4 years Wollmann won't be able to survive and will most likely end up in a FEMA labor camp they're setting up.

The year 2012 is the drop dead date for Wollmann to leave the planet because he won't be able to survive what is to come by that time. Most any American would have to be practically super human to survive beyond 2012 and extremely well prepared with years of supplies and water.
The world's changing fast and Wollmann isn't set to exist on earth for very much longer. His parasitic journey is nearing its long, arduous end.

Under the US Patriot Act, Edmond Wollmann is already considered a terrorist for convictions including a concealed unlicensed gun, trespassing and being a public nuisance.
In fact, anyone with a misdemeanor is considered a terrorist under the Patriot Act. If Obama wanted to, he could order Wollmann held as an enemy combatant without a trial and detained indefinitely.

Possible scenarios:
  • First, Internet 2.0 is implemented that gradually discards and erases all the old material from old sites and blogs (this will happen, but the date's not set in stone yet).

  • Second, food and water shortages force Wollmann into a desperate lifestyle and off the Internet (he wouldn't be able to afford their higher fees anyway)

  • Third, when the worldwide economic collapses occurs, Wollmann will fall into society's black hole and end up in a FEMA labor camp.

  • Fourth, Wollmann will die in a FEMA labor camp, or some bright person will kill him there for obvious reasons.

  • One other possible scenario is Wollmann comes up to San Francisco to pay me a visit where he will leave in a body bag.
Whatever happens, I can guarantee by virtue of the nature of the times we're living in, Edmond Wollmann's life span is limited up to the year 2012. Edmond Wollmann will be dead within the next 3-4 years and for many of his victims and enemies it will be good riddance to the bastard!!

There are a number of FEMA labor camps (blue pegs above) in New Mexico where Wollmann owns a mobile home in Los Lunas. The above FEMA google map shows the nearest one to Wollmann's address in Los Lunas. There are an unusual number of FEMA soon to be converted labor camps in this vacinity.

All world currencies are going to collapse along with the dollar. The world is going into a panic phase within the next few years. Due to his life on the Internet cyberstalking and hacking, Edmond Wollmann is not at all prepared with the necessary supplies of gold, silver, food water and social skills to survive the Great Depression. In fact, his warrant, not to mention his criminal record, would place Wollmann in a F
EMA labor camp under Martial Law. When his "papers" are asked for, and the nature of his criminality exposed to any govt. official, Wollmann will be arrested, detained and shipped to one of these FEMA labor camps. Under the US Patriot Act during times of Martial Law Wollmann can be lawfully detained for having a warrant and criminal record and held indefinitely without an attorney or trial.

Edmond Wollmann will most likely be discarded in one of the FEMA camp coffins designed for terrorists just like him.

"And right now, the federal government — working without a road map, and without a net — is putting together a plan to keep U.S. banks from collapsing." 2/8/09 - MSNBC.com