Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cannibal Law Firms Gorge Themselves on Corpses

Imagine a group of people who have merged into one entity they identify themselves under the banner of. You would be privileged to work with such a group, at least in their view, as your purpose would be to allow them to consume every minute of your life to the very end. You have no private personal life or talents to these people as they own you as part of their illusory family. They will make sure your every living moment is dedicated to them. That is a good description of my life under these people.

As long as you cooperate in supporting them while denying your own life, they'll reward you in some way but most of the time the reward is nothing but an illusion. After slaving your entire life at the end of it you will have never discovered your true potential or gotten to know any sense of personal freedom. If you're lucky, you'll get a little retirement savings. In scary times ahead, things don't look good for retirement.


I've come to the conclusion these people I've been slaving for a decade are in denial about themselves and lives to the extent they band together an an attempt to overcome reality. That is, the reality we all must face, that we can never know our true potential unless we can do something unique aside from the crowd. These people don't want to know who they truly are or their potential to be independent from the crowd. When reality peeks out its little head, they lie and cover things up. They will do anything to deny reality to avoid the truth. They generally like to believe they are masters of the universe. They will have the audacity to tell you what's real in spite of your basic instincts telling you they are liars and manipulators of facts.

I see a little opening available for me to slip through and escape these people. In the process of doing so I genuinely feel as if I'm dying. I'm not doing anything to cause myself to feel this way. I obviously have been deluding myself that I had a future and life slaving for attorneys at law firms. It was like a drug injection each day that prolonged my life. Turns out it wasn't a life, and it wasn't real.
These people can't tell me what facts are and that I didn't experience things I experienced. When they do that, they are like the government covering up 9/11. When you see these hugely successful law firms collapsing each year, you know their reality isn't true, but for a sustained illusion. They cannibalize each others' firms after the collapses, gorging themselves on the entities' corpses to survive.


Fear runs high at these major law firms. Everyone's scared of being laid off one day or coming in to learn their law firm is closing its doors.
When they tell their employees there is nothing to worry about because they will be gorging themselves on another law firm's corpse, that's when you realize they are a lot like cannibals. One can only wonder if these masters of the universe ever had no food that they might gorge themselves on their employees' flesh as they did by sapping them their entire lives.