Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Pal Nancy Gagen from Kirkland & Ellis LLP Filed Lawsuit Against Big Law Monsters

See? I'm not the only one whose had complaints with Kirkland & Ellis LLP's management! My former coworker Nancy Gagen contacted me yesterday, who I had worked with at night from the Chicago office, to let me know she and others filed Federal lawsuits. Another, Tammi Bowden, also filed a lawsuit in 2005. They've both put up the reasons for their claims with links to their complaints on a their website

It takes a lot of courage to file a lawsuit against a law firm. As these coworkers did, I also went to the EEOC in 2006 with my complaint. The guy there told me he would allow an investigation after my hearing but I had to stop there because he said I would have lost. Then I went to the Labor Board about dinner breaks I had to work through that were unpaid due to their intimidation. The guy there also said he would allow the case to continue after the hearing. Once again I pulled back because he said I'd need a lot of evidence from eyewitnesses.

I filed a huge case with the EEOC - Here's a link to my Visual Timeline document I submitted from 2006

Kirkland & Ellis LLP Should Be Ashamed of Itself!

It was a nightmare working for some brutal women in management at Kirkland's San Francisco office. Both Audrey Wulff and Corki Recht, who I've written about previously, were scary to work for. They decided to burn me out rather then let me continue after two years because I was about to get 401k contributions I waited for two years. Everyone prior to me in the position had been terminated within a few months. I worked 155 hours overtime for them and was a lone night staff employee with little support who worked until 11:30 p.m. Sometimes I'd have to stay until 2:00 a.m. They lied to me they'd eventually hire more people and never did. There were 3 1/2 floors in a huge and infamous Bank of America Tower of attorneys and staff I supported for their document production needs. I was the only one in San Francisco but occasionally Nancy Gagen and a few others from the Chicago office would help me with overflow if they had time.

I also suspected Kirkland's female management was spying on me and others there which is why I purchased bug scanning devices to check for hidden cameras and electromagnetic waves. I got a lot of static indicating some kind of activity but couldn't confirm the source.

I'm proud of my fellow former coworkers who refuse to be intimidated as if we're in Nazi Germany by out of control big law firms. Way to go Nancy and Tammi!

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