Sunday, March 1, 2009

San Francisco Chronicle's in Danger - What of Violet Blue?

Had it not been for the San Francisco Chronicle allowing its sadistic little slut hedonist Violet Blue to take my email address and place it on her S&M sex blog in May, 2007, I would have never been exposed to cyberstalking creep Edmond Wollmann. Wollmann is a fan of Blue and when he got my email address from her trashy blog, he disguised himself as my fan with the heading "Your Jazz Singing!" terrorizing me ever since.

I complained to the Chronicle what it did in allowing Blue to take an email sent to its SFGate address, to place on her blog outside its newspaper, was unlawful. I've been complaining about Blue and her trashy column ever since and am glad to hear the LAWS OF KARMA have finally caught up with the Chronicle. They've been losing $50 million a year and this year it's set to be even worse. They can't afford to be paying for the luxury of their trashy S&M writer anymore!


Potentially within the next couple of weeks the paper could close its doors and shut itself down completely. Even if it does find a buyer, a new owner would most likely get rid of baggage like Blue who has many detractors who would like to see her go over to the porn industry papers where she belongs.

There is a vast audience in San Francisco that has one of the largest concentrations of Megan's List sex offenders of any city in the country. They all congregate in one particular area (see map). If you do searches of surrounding cities, or even New York, you will find far less concentrations. The perverts come to San Francisco due to the leniency offered them. When you give them a S&M writing whore place on the city's major newspaper it says a lot.

Had it not been for Violet Blue placing my email address on her S&M sex blog, I would have kept singing and people at work wouldn't have been able to pull up crap on me in a Google search. Blue's activities affected me, and I now hope the LAWS OF KARMA affect her.

SF Chronicle in Danger of Closing