Sunday, March 22, 2009

Update on Hives - Body Felt Engulfed in Virtual Flames

This is an update on my hives condition. I'm hoping this will help others surfing for treatments. The Benadryl worked well up until the early evening. Then my skin took off with intense burning sensations as if I were on fire. I have refrained from itching all I can to learn itching alone doesn't cause the rashes to form on the skin.

If this keeps up I may have to check into the local hospital's burn ward. I have no control over my skin's surface temperature at this point. It's at remission at this moment but I had a bad attack of being engulfed in virtual flames around 7:30 p.m. I fought it off with some apple cider vinager, an Immune Assist organic supplement and flax oil.

It's unbelievable I got this because I've been taking my great Enerfood protein shakes and working out each day. I have a two year supply of all kinds of health food powders from this company, including coconut milk powder. The shakes are designed to boost one's immune system. I throw in bananas, a joint support vitamin and flax seed oil along with vitamin D gels. I also got hemp powder that's supposed to have great health benefits. I also tried soaking in epson salt bath but that didn't seem to help much. In fact the flare up happened shortly after.

At this moment I'm in remission. I'm hoping I don't have the dreaded Morgellons disease where bugs crawl under your skin and doctors don't believe what you have is real. I take such good care of myself. I don't smoke and I'm only guilty of having wine with dinner. I may drink too much coffee too but that's about it.