Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Edmond Wollmann's Secret Life Not So Secret On-Line

Unlike this fellow Markoff, who had himself fairly well covered of his secret life (at least he thought he did), Edmond Wollmann's paranoid schizophrenic delusional existence has been well documented on-line the past 10 years. How any woman could go to the extent of leaving me a voice mail defending Wollmann in suggesting he is innocent of my accusations is beyond me. If anything, it goes to the heart of the matter how women often support the darkest, most evil men of our culture in an attempt to make their victims look guilty of something. Turns out, evidence shows how Markoff was a fraud, a closet fag, searching for transsexuals on-line while he was planning to marry a woman of class and quality!

I've Got Some News - Voodoo Isn't a Crime in the United States

I certainly didn't take or create any of the suggestive voodoo photos in my recent posts. Of course I wish for this enemy Edmond Wollmann's life to end and that he suffer for his extremely vile on-line activities! I would enjoy hearing about Wollmann's death as much as I did a cop who tormented me long ago. I greatly enjoy witnessing my enemies fall as most all of them do. Such is why I could never be categorized as a Christian because I cannot comprehend how they believe one should pray for their enemies. I think praying for one's enemies goes totally against human nature and causes people to suppress their natural instincts. Anything that causes people to suppress what they feel is wrong.