Friday, April 3, 2009

Evil Incarnate PETA Killing 95% of Animals it Purports to Save for Adoption

This blog is shifting gears now that Edmond Wollmann's been completely exposed which was its main goal (besides my ultimate need to vent). I'm going to take advantage of Google's search engine recognizing this blog's articles quickly and at a good ranking to promote my favorite causes. So, from here on out I will be writing about various animal and other charitable causes, as well as developing a few of the themes of this blog such as the epidemic of narcissism.

After learning about how people can operate with evil intent behind professional images, I'm not surprised to learn
PETA is really a front for an animal killing machine. I suspected PETA was a fraud a while back and now it's being confirmed. They do these stunts for the public to get millions in contributions but behind the scenes they are slaughtering the animals given to them for adoption purposes.

According to The Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF), PETA killed a whopping 95% of pets in its care awaiting adoption.

CCF questioned the fact that PETA doesn’t operate an adoption shelter despite a $32 million annual budget. David Martosko, CCF’s research director, called PETA a “hypocritical killing machine.”

“Since killing pets is A-OK with PETA, why should anyone listen to their demands about eating meat, using lab rats for medical research or taking children to the circus?” Martosko said. Article Link