Saturday, April 25, 2009

Voodoo or New Cyberstalking Legislation?

Tormented by Cyberstalker, Ropes & Gray Partner Drafts New Legislation on Online Libel
"As one of The American Lawyer's Star Laterals of 2008 -- Joan Lukey joined Ropes in June after 34 years at crosstown Boston rival Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr -- Lukey has tried more than 70 cases and become a renowned First Amendment lawyer.

But now she is trying to silence a cyberstalker, Leslie Sachs. He began targeting her after she obtained a court order against him on behalf of star client and noted crime novelist Patricia Cornwell in 2007." ( Article)

In the ole wild west they just took men out like this and hung them! I knew the only way cyberstalking would ever really be addressed is if they went after attorneys enough on-line! From my point of view, even what this attorney is trying to do still isn't enough.

We need civil laws to deal with this problem NOW!!!!!! Cyberstalking libel is a lot like placing curses on people's lives. The victims only have voodoo as a means deal with it.

This photo metaphorically represents the activities of a cyberstalker to a victim's well being. It's like sticking a knife in his or her brain to write malicious lies for the world to see. The only real defense a victim has under today's legal system in the United States, is voodoo!