Thursday, May 28, 2009

Example of Delusional Males Who Go Bezerk

Someone posted a response to my last post presenting my fan website work about Kristy McNichol. The IP is from North Carolina Certain men apparently have a problem with a woman doing such an innocent little fan site on another woman. That is one of the reasons I took the site down aside from server costs being so high back then.

As can be reasonably construed from this post, this man is lying to make himself believe he has control of this alleged problematic situation he's been monitoring. I've noted this IP has visited my songchannels site several times. This person is obviously monitoring me like big brother, deluded in believing I am stalking Kristy McNichol and I somehow pose a threat to his belief system she is heterosexual.

Delusional Heterosexual Males

This is really a pattern with delusional heterosexual males scapegoating me as the source of a problem related to their fantasies about their fixation. They are delusional and form fictional bonds with their love object while wishing to heap abuse on me as their scapegoat.

Kristy McNichol has been widely documented as having lesbian relationships and at the very least is bisexual but more on the lesbian side. This info's in the public domain from reliable sources. I am sorry if my doing a website on her in 2004 was a threat to some of these guys' fantasies. It was most likely the blog I had up on her that caused a few of her male fans to dislike me. Regardless, I guess it wasn't enough that I took the site down several years ago, if I even so much as put up my website work, it still causes such a reaction.

It's interesting this guy (strong evidence this is a male based post) is:

1. Lying he knows Kristy McNichol and is friends with her, just as Paul Davidson sent me an email about later having coffee with her after his "Kristy McNichol's Stalking Me" blog articles.

2. Assumes she would be on his side against me.

3. Obviously disregards he is cyberstalking me in this process believing he has a right to do so, not to mention making false accusations against me in his post.

Disrespect (and Abuse) from Strangers Runs Deep

The disrespect and humiliation I receive from these kind of men who are complete strangers is a pattern in my life. They overblow anything I do while their primal urge overcomes them to dominate a fictional relationship they believe they have. They somehow view me as a threat to their imaginary relationship.

These heterosexual men who we see all the time on MSNBC's To Catch a Predator, cheating on their wives to try to have sex with a minor -- the doctors, professors, even Rabbi's we observe on this program have it all, yet it's not enough for them.

Any intelligent person can deduce this North Carolina poster is delusional.

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