Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Why I Let Go of - Human Extinction Imminent

Alex Jones at is going through a tough time now. His enormously successful YouTube Channel put up by a fan was suspended yesterday. I love Alex Jones because he's a real person full of flaws he doesn't try to hide. He's for real and not an illusion. He called the White House leaving a voice mail message for Obama over the weekend about how the world is waking up to their plan for global enslavement.

The recent flu scare is a hoax beta test concocted by criminals in world government testing out its plans for martial law. Too many believe anything the government tells them. These criminal cartels plan on taking down countries through biological warfare, forcing tainted vaccinations on people. They've shut down Mexico for days over what amounts to something less viral then the average flu. They've simply beta tested what is to follow in their plans to cull off humanity to then form the North American Union merging Canada, America and Mexico. They plan on putting bodies in all those hundreds of thousands of FEMA coffins we see on YouTube, because their incinerators won't be able to burn them fast enough.

Chilling Future Ahead of Unspeakable Evil

The human brain is inherently flawed, which is why I let go of several years ago. After studying material on the human brain, evolution and history, I knew human extinction was going to happen soon. There is no hope for humanity as a whole because the masses are easily dumbed down and brainwashed. Unfortunately, women are extremely programmable and change in a blink of an eye based on emotional triggers. I've witnessed it myself time and time again how men play women like a piano (Markoff is a recent example).

My Goal: To Die a Free Person

I stopped watching television in 2007 so I can't be programmed by the media (not to mention Comcast was expensive). I was raised on television and spent most of my youth in front of a television set. However, there have also been times when I haven't watched television for several years at a time and that is when my mind became stronger. I've since learned television is unnatural and a dangerous tool powerful people use to induce false beliefs.

I think the human brain needs to come to an end because it continually produces the same patterns in history of tyrants and mass murder and suffering. Alex Jones is trying to overcome something biologically constructed in the human brain he must know he cannot possibly do. The evil people in power know the brain's weakness and vulnerabilities and are going to exploit it to their own benefit.

Dark Days Ahead for America & World - All Thanks To Human Brain's Flaws

We're about to enter into an extremely dark period in history, probably the darkest yet. I for one would like the human brain the cease because its flaws aren't worth continuing on this planet.
For the sake of innocent helpless children and the precious pets we love, we need to put an end to this continual pattern of tyrants imprisoning humans to torture and abuse. The solution is to remove the human brain from the equation. I don't know how that will be done, but it needs to happen before great suffering comes to millions of people for decades to come.

Evil people with tremendous power over millions of lives will exploit the brain's vulnerabilities to their advantage to the great suffering of humanity!
I understand why the Ancient Egyptians removed the brain from its cavity in burials. They valued the heart over the brain by placing it in an urn believing it to be the source of wisdom.