Monday, June 15, 2009

Alleged Cat Killer Mutilator Sociopath Tyler Weinman Arrested

What a cute innocent looking kid we all see in this earlier mug shot. Turns out, this 18 year old has been arrested as an alleged cat mutilating killing machine monster. From his horrific cruel acts, people speculate he's in the early stages of developing into a future Ted Bundy serial murderer. Many sociopaths, most all predominatly white males, begin early in life by killing animals and work their way up.

er Weinman allegedly hacked off the faces of people's beloved pets, skinned and gutted a few leaving them for their horrified owners to find. In total, 19 cats were brutally slain before he was stopped. In a few years Tyler Weinman won't be looking so cutely innocent anymore. Someone may even go so far as taking revenge on him. If someone did that to my cat, I certainly would consider breaking his nose an option, especially if the court system didn't deal with him accordingly.
Officially, nine cats have been violently killed, but neighbors said there are more. Some had their skulls crushed, others have been gutted, skinned or dismembered. The cats were not strays; their horrified owners found their bodies lying around the neighborhood.Barbara Weisinger's cat, Cammy, was killed last week."They took her face," Weisinger said. "Her whole face was gone. Her eyes and her nose were gone. Nine Cats Killed, Mutilated
Sometimes I think I'm dealing with a similarly disturbed individual when it comes to the nature of material Joel Utman's posted and sent. The rape/mutilation photo Joel Utman posted on CraigsList in 2006 wasn't the only disturbing photo he's sent. He's sent similar photos to others as well. In one of his latest posts he also referred to me as a "dying dog in San Francisco".

Utman's activities are not isolated to me, someone he does not know, having never spoken nor met with. He carries on like this towards those who reject or disagree with him, both those he knows and doesn't know. He targets them for years with these smear activities, assumes their identities and creates havoc in their lives. He lacks a conscience and thinks nothing of spreading malicious libel.

Unlike the 18 year old, Joel Utman looks as creepy as he is. One of Utman's victims actually purchased a firearm and trained on the use of it because of the danger Utman posed with his activities.

19 cats were slain in total along with their owners' hearts.