Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Alex Jones' Rant and Mockery of Michael Jackson's Memorial Outrageous!

Alex Jones has totally lost me with his recent obnoxious commentary of Michael Jackson's funeral. He said some really ugly things about Michael Jackson as he hacked into the ceremony's coverage in an attempt to entertain his audience. Calling Michael Jackson trash and his family evil, it became clear Alex Jones is ill and so cynical I can no longer follow his interpretations of reality.

Alex Jones really exposed himself as a moron on this video rant and I regret he chose to give into the temptation of mocking Michael Jackson, his family and fans' memorial of him. Though I agree the father Joe is definitely evil due to whatever mental illness he has, Alex was way out of bounds calling Michael Jackson "trash", "freak" and "filth".

Alex Jones can't comprehend how music connects deeply with people and Michael Jackson connected emotionally with people in a way no other has done.
He can't comprehend how Jermaine Jackson's heart was breaking as he sang Smile to the world over the loss of his brother.

If Alex Jones ever gets killed by the government, I won't grieve over him. I detect a certain male jealousy in his obnoxious mockery.