Sunday, July 5, 2009

Manipulative People - A Red Flag of Impending Danger

When you deal with people willing to bend reality to suit their desired outcome, the likes of Edmond Wollmann and his ongoing propaganda campaign, you know you're in danger in some form. People who manipulate and intimidate others are inherently dangerous because they so easily cast aside the truth they don't value. People who demonstrate consistently a disregard for reality and truth should be avoided in my opinion.

Police Officers Have Many Enemies - Legions of Good Law Abiding People

Police officers are inherently dangerous because they often lie and twist reality. They are often devious, reckless and destructive to their victims. Police officers have many enemies, legions of good people across the country, including Alex Jones at, who have witnessed their activities as corrupt and criminal. Police often aid and abet criminals because they naturally form a business partnership with crime to keep themselves in business.

When you go to get a divorce these days, it's highly recommended by reputable professionals to avoid hiring an attorney for uncontested divorces. Why? Because attorneys will deliberately complicate issues to make things worse in order to extract more money from their clients. It can be similarly said that when police officers are called into any given situation they will make things worse, not better.

Reality warping is a superpower in superhero fiction. It is the ability to reshape matter and energy, create or alter life and matter, turn a person's thoughts or desires into reality, simulate any and all other powers and abilities, bend time and space, and possibly even rewrite the laws of physics.

All things are possible for a reality-warper, making them seem omnipotent.

Thank heavens Michael Jackson was able to overcome police plans to put him in a jail cell a few years ago to eventually show how much people appreciated him around the world.