Friday, July 24, 2009

People Who Commit Perjury Should Be Prosecuted

Okay, so I think the crux of our judicial system's primary problem is perjury. Perjury is rarely prosecuted unless it involves a serious crime. As it stands now, people who commit perjury do it knowing the court has little resources or means to prosecute unless they're high profile cases.

My focus now is on bringing people who commit perjury against me and others (meaning, who lie under oath) to justice. I think this involves speaking with high level people in high places about how the low level gov't people aren't caring if people lie under oath.

The reason perjury has become so common is our government is run by corrupt people on a large scale. Just look at my last post about the Mayor's being arrested in New Jersey!! They've all got their hands in the cookie jar with a few exceptions. They know our country's falling incrementally and are trying to escape in their own way from what's to come.

I know a while back I wrote I was going to get training at Front Sight's gun training facility in Las Vegas. I wrote them back when they were trying to get me into their program with a free gun and first class training. I decided not to take it because their ammo costs $600 for the class. The entire course would cost $2,000 at least. I changed my mind about a gun because it was too much of a hassle and expensive.

A word of caution for anyone who blogs or writes things on the Internet under their name, the Court's are not being legislated nor overseen on how to use information from this medium. They basically will take anything you write and make decisions on it.

So you write on a blog you plan on getting gun training and anyone, even a paranoid schizophrenic, can complain about feeling threatened by it to the Court. The Court can issue an order stating you can't get a gun and doesn't care how much they lied under oath. The Court wants to keep guns out of citizen's hands and will look for any excuse or false claim to do it.