Sunday, August 9, 2009

Case Against Cyberstalker Has Only Just Begun

Cyberstalker #2 (not Wollmann), just sent me a nasty message through my songchannels blog site in spite of the fact he has a court hearing scheduled on August 13, 2009. In his message, Mr. Cyber also mocked Steve Tyler's recent fall from stage, the Aerosmith singer who sang the 70's classic "Dream On".

In all his arrogance, this lazy dumb cyber stalker criminal has yet even another hearing on September 3rd to attend. This is only the beginning of a long, arduous legal process. How dare this bastard send me any message as his hearings are pending!

Mr. Cyber's former friend from high school who kept in touch with him later in life explained what his problem most likely is. Mr. Cyber's problem is also being discussed in social circles in his former home town. Aside from being considered a bit of an odd individual by his peers from the very start, Mr. Cyber, who is now 54, was abandoned by his parents in his 30's who flew off to live in Arizona without telling him.

Apparently tired and worn out of their son's problems, Mr. Cyber's parents bought a home in Arizona and just up and left without telling anyone. It's been
speculated Mr. Cyber was traumatized by his parents lack of communication to just up and leave behind their son without a word.

Maybe Mr. Cyber's paranoia most likely interpreted his parent's action as:
"we never loved you" and "you were a huge mistake", "you aren't a valued son", "we don't want to hear from you", "you're a divorcee loser who can't even find a new wife and mortgage." "Leave us alone!"
Since his parents stopped communicating with him, Mr. Cyber began lashing out in all of his hurt and anguish, at his old high school pal and of complete strangers. Mr. Cyber has a deep rage and hatred for his parents' abandonment of him and is projecting his feelings of inadequacy onto his victims. He has gone a step further in his insanity of framing and falsely accusing innocent people, including his former friend, while even abusing police and court services to do so.

Mr. Cyberstalker exploits his girlfriend like a chess piece in his plots to deal with a world that
doesn't appreciate his multiple personality sociopath talents. He'll bring his girlfriend to court and refer to her in his perjury testimony.

Mr. Cyber faces an immediate future of multiple court hearings and of subsequent legal costs to deal with his mental illness and denials. He will eventually find it difficult explaining his case to attorneys who will require thousands of dollars in retainer fees.

Ultimately, the truth will be known a paranoid multiple personality cyber stalker who changed his name in 2007 to that of a popular singer, can't sing nor easily avoid court hearing dates. Mr. Cyber's coma story appears near the top of the Google Search engine, under the search word "cyberstalker". He's made it to near the top, and he will continue to rise to the attention of many others in the coming months and years.