Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Charles Wilson Foundation Poltergeist Demon's Back

I check my songchannel.com's visitor log every so often to see who visits my site, especially when I'm being sent nasty comments having nothing to do with the content of an article.

Some mysterious entity lurking behind The Charles Wilson Foundation IP address in Englewood, Colorado visited my songchannels site again yesterday. (See my last article) This time, the predator didn't leave me any obscene rude comments. I'm glad for that. I hope the bastard leaves me alone.

These cyberstalkers are freaky. They seem non-human
like poltergeists haunting me from another dimension. They remind me of the goons in the Night of the Living Dead horror flick. Nameless, faceless entities who lie and distort reality related to my personal life - monsters!

I used to have nightmares of monsters when I was a kid when my father brought home playing cards that had famous horror movie monsters on them. I dreamed they were under my bed. Back then they really did make a lot of scary monster characters from the 50's/60's movie era. These cyber stalkers are the monsters in my adult life. What a bunch of goons!