Monday, August 17, 2009

Cheryl Meril Filed A Lawsuit Against Edmond Wollmann on June 17, 2009

For those who are wondering, I did indeed file an unlimited jurisdiction lawsuit against defaming cyber stalker Edmond Wollmann (aka Ed Wollmann Community Manager of Villa Knolls Apartments in La Mesa, CA) on June 17, 2009 in San Diego Superior Court that is in its discovery phase. Wollmann's attorney is Randall Dierlam of San Diego.

I will not write about the details of the case except to note Wollmann will shortly be deposed in San Diego and sworn under oath to testify the truth, something I believe he is incapable of doing based on his flat out denial response to my lawsuit.

On July 6, 2009, Wollmann lied to the process server who phoned him in his claiming an Edmond Wollmann no longer worked at Villa Knolls. Later that evening the server determined Edmond Wollmann lived on the property and had lied to him to evade service. Wollmann was later served at his residence which was located behind a gate.

Edmond Wollmann lies like it's normal to lie. He thinks lies can turn into truth as long as they're repeated enough that people will believe them. Such is why Wollmann has invested so much time in his propaganda campaign on his blog.
Wollmann believes if he writes enough lies about me, they will eventually come true, thus vindicating himself as he becomes a member of Linkiden and other network sites.

Mr. Wollmann has flat out denied ever contacting me though there is significant evidence of his extremely serious defamation activities. He has posted "SongChannels" and "BrainChannels" in continual reference with my name in Google as if he is tracking and outing a criminal. He has also associated me with the name "Cheryl Meril" in his blog posts as if he is a detective uncovering information in stalking a fugitive.

Wollmann is no private investigator detective, he is in serious trouble. All of the IP address posts used to post malicious libel against me will be turned over by subpoena. Wollmann has been guilty of these kind of unlawful activities on-line for so long he is blind to the serious nature of trouble he is currently in. This is no longer something he can joke about, its entered the civil and punitive stage. Wollmann's anonymity authoring a malicious blog is about to become a thing of the past.

Whomever has created the blogs at "" and "" is going to have their identity discovered after the subpoena process is completed. Whomever that person is, they will not get away with what they've written. I strongly suspect that person is Edmond Wollmann for blog #1 and have every reason to believe it is him. I am 99% sure it is Edmond Wollmann due to his intensity in visiting my website, posting multiple comments and pattern of writing materials about me on USENET forums.

The second cyberstalker whose posted far less material on me is also facing considerable trouble ahead. Cyber #2 is also in the court system and has no idea what he's gotten himself into. There's a hearing scheduled in September in which he will be facing some serious piles of shit.

Visitor stay tuned! These malicious defaming cyber stalkers are in the process of coming down to face reality. I'm not their only victim, they have multitudes of victims and very angry people! People are willing to fly in from out of state to testify, that's how angry they are.

I will not be updating on the details of the progress of my lawsuit only to say when the outcome is revealed, I will not agree to any confidential settlement.