Saturday, August 15, 2009

My Favorite Law Tool of All Time - Subpoenas!

What I love about subpoenas is the fact gender plays no role in their issuance nor standards of adherence. Subs are powerful tools to retrieve identification information on anonymous cowardly cyber stalkers.

I'm about to go down the yellow brick road to San Diego, the land of Oz, with a briefcase full of subpoenas for a judge to sign; one for Google, Inc. and one for America On Line (AOL). These nasty anonymous cyber stalkers should be shaking in their boots because whatever these companies provide will be key to my case which will go to trial if necessary.

The IP addresses of all anonymous sockpuppet posts allegedly from my coworkers or former attorneys I worked with, will also be retrieved from these nasty anonymous blogs. IP addresses and their associated hosts of whoever has been posting some really disgusting libel material on me, WILL BE OBTAINED.

Many women can't comprehend the degree of viciousness of the male species until they're murdered or experience how truly deceptive men can be. Men like these COWARDLY anonymous cybers are looking for strangers to dump their frustrations on, of women they don't know who they can torment and malign. I am familiar with this kind of mischief mentality from having been an adolescent. I experienced it in junior high school from cruel boys, but I also once participated in mischief towards another. Way back in 1971 during an art class another student and I hung a "kick me I'm a les" sign on some poor girl's back. I was 11 and went to the Principal's office for it and my parents were contacted. I was shamed by it significantly and never did anything like it again.

I can't comprehend how full grown middle aged men are behaving on-line like I behaved in junior high school! Many women have no idea the degree of mischief grown men participate in because their blinded by preferred status. When I have this identification information, I will be doing something with it.