Sunday, September 6, 2009

Cyber #2 Chased a Process Server Into His Car, Threw Papers

I've been hypothesizing from a pattern of behavior of lying males who have control issues with women in particular. They commonly use false accusations and spread lies as a control device. In order to be a strong self-confident woman, it becomes necessary to challenge the intent of such individuals. What it essentially boils down to is their own personal insecurity.

Cyber #2 has been projecting his insecurities onto me in an obsessive form on the Internet and in the form of comment or contact forms. He's even sent a post card to my residence and has made threats to sabotage what was really a "test" business entity of mine. I intentionally let the site exist on the Internet in limbo a while to see if it would be sabotaged.

Cyber #2's a complete stranger who got my IP and email address, and eventually my name, from Craigslist in 2006 when I responded to his upsetting bait email about the late Chancellor Denice Denton. Even after he's been informed such as in my last post, that his anonymous proxy comments to my blog aren't being read, he still continues to post like a brain dead machine.

A Process Server's Affidavit of Reasonable Diligence Regarding Serving Cyber #2 with Legal Documents

Cyber #2 was recently purported a couple weeks ago to have chased a process server to his car then throwing the papers at his windshield:
"Cheryl, I wanted you to know we'll never serve Cyber #2 again", a frantic lady phoned. "Why?", I asked "He attacked my process server!" the lady said. "Oh my God! I'm so sorry, is he okay?", I replied. "Yes, but Cyber #2 yelled at him when he told him he could ask for witness fees. He said 'what the hell is this?' when he was served and ended up chasing my server into his car who had to lock the door. He then threw the papers at his windshield."

"Oh my God! I'm so sorry, I don't even know this guy, he's a complete stranger, he's absolutely nuts!", I said. "I know, he's totally crazy!", she concurred. "It totally freaked out the server, next time you're going to have to get a sheriff to serve this guy, he's dangerous."
It turns out, in reality Cyber #2 has a restraining order hearing, a deposition and another hearing to attend all in September. There's even a subpoena filed with AT&T over his cyber stalking he received notice of. If he doesn't stop with his extremely serious activities, more will follow for him in the future. Yet, he still continues to post harassing messages under his anonymous proxy. Even after my last post message declaring they weren't being read, he posted two more messages. More people are witnessing Cyber #2's insane behavior and testifying to it.

It's really sad Cyber #2 doesn't have the good sense to stop these activities before they get him into serious trouble. He seems to think of himself as super human and on the level of a police officer who can get away with unlawful activities being above the law.
In fact, one of his former victims claims he impersonated a police officer from Novato, CA. Cyber #2 is so delusional he probably thinks he has a right to be chasing process servers because in his mind he's a cop.

These are big red flags, warning signs! Cyber #2 can't handle reality, so he continually plays out his abnormal behavioral maladies on-line. Now we can observe how far he goes into the physical realm of chasing after people performing their jobs.

Cyber #2 is the author of the blog "" and has authored similar blogs, though less intensive, on his other victim. He pulled much of his information from Rip-Off where he cyberstalked my member name to find various reports I filed over the years. Much like Edmond Wollmann, another complete stranger, Cyber #2 writes as if he knows me and probably thinks he does in his mind. Now I know what celebrities go through.

Cyber #2 responded to this article within a couple hours with an obscene anonymous remailer email. He claims he can't hold a job, that he's a loser and that he can't maintain relationships with others.