Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Edmond Wollmann Files Google DMCA Claiming Monkey Likeness Violates His Copyright

A few posts ago I posted about how Edmond Wollmann flings virtual shit on the Internet like a monkey; one he apparently didn't like. I just learned Wollmann complained to Google I had somehow violated his copyright to post the photo of his likeness. I apparently had forgotten to "link" to the likeness photo as such. So, here's a repost as link to the infamous photo Edmond Wollmann complained was a copyright violation.

Mr. Wollmann clearly doesn't understand copyright law. If one is providing an "opinion" of someone's statement in the body of the article presenting a quote from already published email on-line such that was on (for many years I might add), it in no way constitutes a violation of copyright. In fact, it is a violation of the law for Mr. Wollmann to claim my posting a quote of one of his posts is a copyright violation. As I wrote before, Mr. Wollmann clearly can't take what he dishes out to his victims anonymously!

A few months ago I justifiably had dozens of my photographs removed from Mr. Wollmann's anonymous site at