Sunday, September 20, 2009

Google Didn't Force Me - I Volunteered

I recently received a typical accusatory email and wanted to respond I voluntarily removed links to Edmond Wollmann's conviction cases on this blog. I don't want his crimes searchable on Google linked with my music site.

The PDF files were stored on songchannels and Docutur kept getting hacked into as the other place I stored them. I decided to simply no longer list the cases, especially since I have Mr. Wollmann's statement under oath now admitting he was convicted of trespassing and public nuisance. His concealed firearm charge was apparently dismissed.

I was performing analytical tests on my site's searchability and discovered people who weren't searching for music were coming to my site. Google picks up PDF text in its search engine and I don't want's searches to produce results for such key words as "San Diego Superior Court" and other similar related searches that have nothing to do with music. So, I took down the cases from songchannels voluntarily along with several others.

As far as Wollmann's Google copyright DMCA complaint about my posting a copy of this email in a blog article, I'm challenging it as erroneous and waiting for Google to give me the okay to repost it.