Tuesday, September 22, 2009

High School Drop Out Brings Son Nathan Wollmann to Deposition

I just discovered Edmond Wollmann is writing materials on the USENET forum about my deposing him on September 15, 2009 showing how insecure he is. If his lawyer views this article, he should instruct his client to stop writing about his case on forums because I'm continually getting harassing emails about it forcing me to respond in this manner.

First, a little about Wollmann's appearance at the deposition. Edmond Wollmann is bald, overweight and pasty pale white, all very uncommon for those who live in the great weather and sunshine of San Diego. People who live in San Diego are generally there because they enjoy the weather tending to spend time outdoors jogging and enjoying the sunshine. Edmond Wollmann looks like something out of the Munsters television program. He struck me as fitting the characterization of an underground mole.

Mr. Wollmann insinuated someone has impersonated him on-line and he did not own the email address "ewollmann@aol.com" on May 23, 2007. The long stri
ng of evidence points to otherwise. He also claims he's never posted anything on USENET other than under his own professional signature. I'm currently working with an attorney to have a subpoena accepted in Virginia's court where AOL is located, in order to obtain the account information.

I can't imagine any man who would exploit his own son by asking him to be the videographer for a deposition in which he admitted to:
  • Having criminal convictions for trespassing & public nuisance
  • Having never graduated high school
  • Lying repeatedly in covering up his crazy behavior cyber stalking, harassing and abusing a woman on-line.
Any man who would invite his son, Nathan Wollmann, to videograph his deposition in which he repeatedly lied and had to admit to criminal behavior can be construed as indecent and immoral. The shame of involving one's son in covering up for one's self and involving him in videoing the plaintiff during questioning doesn't register with such a pathological individual.

So for the record, Edmond Wollmann, 55 was a high school drop out. Back in those days of his generation, being a high school drop out was an indication of some serious problems of an individual. It was the real stamp of a loser unless the individual had a military family. Being a high school dropout is where Edmond Wollmann's great insecurity with himself apparently began in which he feels it necessary to lie about and smear people on-line.

The Huge Divide Between Myself and Edmond Wollmann

There's a huge difference between myself and Edmond Wollmann that he's too delusional and pathological to recognize. Compared to Edmond Wollmann I received the following awards from one of the top high schools in the country I graduated from in Palos Verdes Estates, in 1974-78:

  • Outstanding Freshman - PVHS Orchestra '75
  • U.S.C. Music Camp Scholarship - PVHS Orchestra '76
  • Outstanding Stylist - PVHS Jazz Choir '78

When I was in grade school I was playing viola
with some of today's top musicians in youth orchestras in Hollywood, CA and later as a teenager at music camps.

I'm continually receiving harassing anonymous emails about Wollmann's posts on USENET and all kinds of crazy stuff.