Friday, September 11, 2009

Violet Blue's Considering Torture and Rise of Harsh Bondage

Sex writer Violet Blue, 36, who writes for the San Francisco Chronicle and for the Open Source Sex column is the initial sadistic sex pervert who placed my email address on her sex blog in 2007 for her fan Edmond Wollmann to contact me with.

On May 23, 2007, Wollmann sent me an email with a deceptive "Your Jazz Singing!" heading. This entire issue with Edmond Wollmann began with Violet Blue's posting of my email address from a comment attributed to Cyber #2 and his obsession with honey bees based on his former web domain

Blue is obviously a sex maniac whose involved in fantasizing in the kind of sex torture we read about from such sadistic bondage criminals as Phillip Garrido. Blue is trying to make sexual sadism and torture accepted as the norm in mainstream journalism writing about it consistently to the embarrassment of many San Franciscans. Whose to say men don't get ideas from Blue's column to go out and kidnap, tie up and rape a woman or even a little girl for that matter? Look it all I've been through resulting from Blue's activities with my email address?

Violent Blue's recent article Considering Torture, and the Rise of Harsh Bondage was particularly booed by most SFGate readers in the comment section. Here are a few of their comments about Violet Blue and/or her article:

Then the rest of the 300+ comments posted on the article fade into personal discourse forum discussions ignoring Violet Blue's article all together.

Back in 2007, some guy on behalf of Blue called my home late on the evening of the cyberstalker's using my email account to say "we can see it in the headers" over the email sent to them. I responded "I'm not interested in giving you or anyone else head, leave me alone!" and hung up on him. Imagine Violet Blue's comrade in sexual bondage calling your home late at night accusing you of sending her an email, then posting it on her sex blog for every sex criminal to read. The nerve!