Tuesday, September 8, 2009

World Exclusive: Alex Jones is Losing His Marbles!

I really didn't want to write this article but felt I had too. Yesterday I learned Alex Jones of Prison Planet.com, Infowars.com had a huge announcement set to be groundbreaking today. According to him, it was going to be revolutionary and the biggest thing he's ever done in his career. This is his video heads up about his announcement:

Out of curiosity I visited his site to learn his huge announcement appears to be actor Charlie Sheen wrote some dribble fictional transcript of his imaginary meeting with President Obama to ask him questions about 9/11 and provide his own feedback. It was presented as a "world exclusive" as if Charlie Sheen really did have an interview with Obama. At the very bottom of the transcript are in small italics "note, this really hasn't happened yet."

These comments were posted on YouTube; examples of many shocked & disappointed AJ Supporters

Out of our amazement at the stupidity of such a hyped up non-event, I and others began posting our displeasure with Mr. Jones on his forum only to learn our comments were being removed! Alex Jones' site moderators were censoring people's criticism of the announcement and story. I tested it several times and it is clear negative comments are being removed. It appears Alex Jones has lost his grasp on reality and that's a sad, sad commentary because the man showed a lot of promise.

Like Geraldo Rivera, all it takes is one big farce to set a career back for decades. It appears thus far Alex Jones has a huge fiasco on his hands:

In April 1986, Rivera hosted the syndicated special The Mystery of Al Capone's Vault, an ill-conceived adventure where Rivera excavated what he had been told was the site of Al Capone's buried treasure trove. Rivera broadcast live as the site was excavated, fully expecting to find a store of the former gangster's wealth. The show was heavily advertised, particularly on Chicago's WGN television station. A medical examiner was brought along for the excavation in case any dead bodies were excavated. The show was on air for several hours, displacing regularly scheduled programming, as Rivera's team penetrated the vault he was sure would yield the famed loot. Ultimately, the vault was found to contain a few broken bottles. Rivera held one of these bottles aloft for the camera and excitedly stated that it had once contained "bootleg moonshine gin". -Wikipedia
Honestly, if Alex Jones doesn't come up with a real story today of what he's been hyping, he will lose a lot of viewers who won't stand for these Geraldo type gimmicks to get their attention. I do hope I'm wrong and have somehow misinterpreted this.

Alex Jones is very talented and has shown a lot of promise over the years to be truly unique from the crowd. If this farce sensationalized announcement is true, it seems his career and credibility will ultimately suffer for years to come. It appears Charlie Sheen is using Alex Jones for publicity for his acting career and nothing more, much to the discredit of both.

What an ego Charlie Sheen has to think his fictional little transcript of his imaginary meeting with the President has any earth shaking revolutionary news worthy value! My guess is the media will largely ignore it. I really believe this farce is the end of what has been Alex Jones' growing momentum. I do hope I'm wrong.

Looks like I was unfortunately correct that the media largely ignored this Charlie Sheen story seeing it for what it is. It made it to one paper, the Examiner.com and that's all that shows up in Google. ****2ND UPDATE*** The next day on 9/9/09, at 7:45 am PCT, PrisonPlanet had made a press release picked up by Reuters. I counted a total of "4" newspapers recognizing the news, Examiner.com, The Portland Mercury, and Houston Chronicle. The other articles were on AfterEllen.com blog's and Prison Planets own articles. Google News Search

PrisonPlanet.com refuses to acknowledge it has a disaster on it's hands and is maintaining a bubble world of disbelief posting this ridiculous article documenting media coverage.

One other note, Cyber #2 is sending me email complaints I don't approve his comments and that I even recently disabled comments all together on SongChannels.com. To Cyber #2, that makes me a hypocrite with regard to this article. Sending unlawful obscene messages to a woman you personally attack and harass for no legally justifiable reason is quite different from making a constructive criticism or opinion in writing of a public figure's judgment such as Alex Jones. It's clear to me by now that Cyber #2 lacks sound reasoning and critical thinking skills.