Friday, October 2, 2009

American Police Force Tip Toes Not Into Montana

Alex Jones at and is having a hernia over a group calling itself the American Police Force that was trying to pose as the Hardin Montana city police force. Hardin City has no police outfit having a very depressed economy. There's a recently built FEMA encampment facility and thousands of militants are going to be trained there soon according to a spokesperson.

American Police Force placed police emblems on their vehicles denoting Hardin City police when in reality they're a private militant police group encompassing foreigners including Germans.
Alex Jones claims they are foreign troops coming to American soil arriving to kill and enslave Americans during martial law. Their emblem is from the Serbians. Their leader is a 16 time felon convict.

Alex Jones claims foreigners have been contracted to come into
America because the US military is less likely to kill Americans for the new world government. He also says APF is a front for the military contractor Blackwater that changed its name to Xe after it got bad press for rapings, killings overseas.

I take whatever Alex Jones says with a grain of salt because I think he over sensationalizes things and has cried wolf too many times. However, this story does seem a bit significant and has been picked up by the national media.