Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Carly Simon Sues Starbucks Over Clouds In Her Coffee

I'm feeling bad for 70's/80's singer Carly Simon because she's apparently in la la land about her marketability in today's music market. Carly apparently expected Starbucks to promote her CD This Kind of Love like they're her record label. Apparently because Starbucks the coffee company didn't treat Carly like the 70's and 80's hit songwriter she's accustomed to, she sued them.

If I were Carly, here's what I would have done.
I would have promoted the concept of her hit "You're So Vain" with her memorable lyric "clouds in my coffee" to promote Starbucks and the various narcissism organizations. Narcissism is on the rise in America in epidemic proportions. Books are being published, blogs are being created on the topic. Carly could have fit in with promoting a good cause along with Starbucks coffee to promote awareness of the narcissism epidemic.

Apparently Carly couldn't think of the N idea because she's still apparently narcissistic herself to think she's marketable and competitive in today's music market. Her music is outdated and her voice is shot. She apparently didn't work as hard
and tour enough in her career to connect with a large enough fan base.

I don't mean to sound too harsh on Carly Simon, but her glory days are over and she should get over herself now. I mean, c'mon, Carly Simon was never that great of a singer to begin with, especially according to today's standards. It was a combination of her talent, beauty, songwriting and social connections that made her successful in the 70's and 80's.

Today, Carly would do herself a tremendous honor by getting upcoming singers to perform her material while removing herself from the spotlight. Carly looks like a tragedy about to happen.

Carly Simon Sues Starbucks Over Failure of This Kind of Love