Thursday, October 8, 2009

La Mesa Police Pay a Visit to Edmond Wollmann

I spoke with an officer of the La Mesa Police Department yesterday who told me they sent someone to speak with Edmond Wollmann about his gun shot death threat (second post on string) he posted on USENET's astrology forum on September 9, 2009. I was grateful they considered it enough of a threat to investigate a former public nuisance and trespasser convictee. As was expected, Wollmann attempted to rationalize his behavior bending the officer's ear in an attempt to get a reprieve as if he's just an innocent victim of a woman stalking and defaming him.

The photo was taken by the process server Edmond Wollmann was evading who had to stake out his apartment.
The server, who had the court's summons and a lawsuit to serve, had initially called
Wollmann whose the property manager for a very small apartment complex. The server said he was lied to that the man on the phone said that "he spoke with the corporate office and Edmond Wollmann no longer worked there". The server quickly deduced he had actually spoken with Wollmann after he compared his voice mail greeting message at his astrological business.

Sadly, the server had to stake out the property at night and eventually served Wollmann who mysteriously opened his door right when the server approached. Wollmann then slammed the door in the server's face when he was
being informed of being served with legal documents.

Since 2007 I've been unable to locate Wollmann behind his PO Box address. All public records of him the past 15 years did not show any valid address that stalled the lawsuit process considerably. I conducted plenty of due diligence to show I've been searching for this man's true address for a year prior to an anonymous person sending me a link to a website denoting he managed a property.

Edmond Wollmann's a gun owner as he admits in this USENET post of two years ago. This information of gun ownership, coupled with his recent veiled threat to shoot me dead, was enough for me to file a police complaint. Having no shame for his behavior, Wollmann made excuses to the officer trying to rationalize my previous voo doo post article as giving him the right to post a death threat. Wollmann tried to politicize the matter and attempted to get the officer to sympathize with him that can be expected based on well documented patterns of his on-line behavior.

I got the gun shot threat via email sent to me by a fictional person ID from USENET, one of dozens I've received the past few weeks. I believe I was getting them because I was largely ignoring Wollmann on this blog ever since conducting a deposition on September 15, 2009.