Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Preparation for Calamity 101

I thought I'd continue from my last post about my preparation for the next wave of disasters up ahead. Yesterday when I posted the Alex Jones' Fall of the Republic info, the dollar plummeted causing gold to skyrocket to a historical high. I recouped a bit of what I had previously lost after having trusted Midas Resources' Ted Anderson's radio shtick earlier this year. Midas marked up my gold coins by 45% when I could have gone down to my local coin dealer for the same coins at a mere 5% mark-up and without shipping fees.

I was listening to Midas's Ted Anderson's con job on Alex Jones' listeners last night and it was making my stomach turn. The guy is misrepresenting information and making many unprofessional irresponsible predictions. I'm glad my Midas warning post is way up there in Google's first page now. Coin broker Ed Stately at Midas sold $5 gold liberty coins at $400 per coin in January and $429 per coin February, 2009 in which they offered to buy at only $233 per coin a few months later in August revealing their extremely inflated mark-up.

I understand that the laboratory manufactured Swine Flu vaccines are now arriving. It's been purported by various sources, including concerned doctors and nurses, that the nasal spray version is actually designed to spread the Swine Flu to others faster. The vaccine has the strain of the flu in it as a double edged sword. When you take it as a nasal spray it actually spreads the flu faster. One thing people can do is buy a Particulate Respirator Mask from my favorite disaster supplier I've purchased all of my supplies from Nitro-Pak and they're a great outfit.

Government supported biological warfare of
manufactured viruses unleashed on the population is really the final nail in the coffin for America. Pharmaceutical companies are going to profit hugely from this scam while actually spreading the virus with their nasal spray vaccines. The government wants to force us to take the vaccine and will have severe penalties for those who refuse to do so. This will eventually tip the scales into a martial law fascist dictatorship according to many familiar with patterns in history.