Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cyberstalkers Who Run to the FBI Need Psychiatric Help

The FBI could probably raise a mountain of money for itself by taking all their contacts from crazies like Edmond Wollmann and Cyber #2, then publishing them for entertainment value. Wollmann's confirmed under oath he contacted the FBI about me for whatever imaginary criminal acts he believes I've committed against him, a trait of his delusional nature. Likewise, Cyber #2 has also claimed under oath to have complained to the FBI about me.

The FBI must receive a lot of crazy stuff from guys like these considering the nature of their alleged disputes. For instance, back in 1999 an extremely self absorbed Edmond Wollmann also complained to the FBI by letter claiming the Scientologists were out to get him after their allegedly having knocked his site from the top of Google. Imagine how self important and crazy someone would have to be to contact the FBI about their website being knocked out of first place in Google? (This was even proudly admitted at his deposition).

Apparently contacts with the FBI make these nutjobs feel powerful and omniprescent. The fact is the FBI doesn't address these kind of cyber complaints, except for across state border Federal matters. The FBI would surely note the crazy nature of such contacts with it and create a nutjob file for these kind of complainees (for Wollmann one was created at least a decade ago)

Needless to say, I never contacted the FBI over Edmond Wollmann or Cyber #2.