Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Nancy Pelosi Scares Me Lately

It's my second day of eating my own hand made tortillas and I'm still alive. Speaking of alive, Nancy Pelosi's health bill is scary and may be the death of us all. I wasn't afraid of Pelosi until she added imprisonment and fines for not participating in the government's health plan. The bill essentially ties doctors' hands from providing the best health care available.

The government is so out of whack these days. If everyone turned off their televisions and started becoming proactive in life things would get a whole lot better real fast. Remember the movie Network?

I'm still working on my last will and testament. I'll be one of those summary administrative probate people, under $100,000 of personal property. I'm still deciding who to leave my stun gun too. I'm also thinking of getting a life insurance policy considering the times we're living in. My life expectancy based on America's falling has been cut to just a few more years.