Thursday, November 19, 2009

Red Alert on Internet Criminals? On Second Thought. . .

About my last "expose the frauds" post, I've since reconsidered my intention to expose such individuals on this blog. When you're dealing with criminals who will stoop so low as to con people out of $1,000 on the Internet while not providing any services, I don't think it's a good idea to go around "exposing" such people outside the criminal judicial system.

After having acquired a little experience in the area by now of exposure of underhanded individuals (uh hum) it kicked in yesterday it's really unnecessary. First, many people have already complained about them and the word is already out. Sure, this blog could help expose them a bit, but what good would that really do? They'd probably pack up and leave town for a new con business.

The right way to deal with guys like this is to report them to the FBI's Internet fraud division because they're outside California. Charges could be for wire fraud and a freeze could be placed on their bank account as well. The FBI must have its hands full dealing with all these Internet con artist crooks.