Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Look Back at 2009 - Highlights on My Fav Products - Ecoloblue28

Earlier this year I purchased an Ecoloblue 28 water generator. This miraculous machine extracts moisture from the humidity in the air turning it into pure drinking water. I've been very pleased with the quality of water especially.

Though at times it's slightly a pain having to deal with the manual to learn how to conduct a simple 20 minute monthly maintenance regimen, and was even more annoying having to set the thing up it was well worth it. I've got pure drinking water and as long as I have access to electricity, there won't be any problem having access to water during droughts.

The filters are inexpensive and you can buy them in bulk specials offered by Ecoloblue. The filters need only be changed once each six months and their membrane filter is replaced once every two years. Their ultraviolet light is also replaced every two years. Disclaimer: Don't take my word for it however, make sure you either read the instructions or call an Ecoloblue tech specialist should you purchase the machine.

Ecoloblue ocassionally offers specials and recently offered a dropped price from $1,200 to $999. Sometimes their specials include a one year supply of filters.