Saturday, December 26, 2009

My Discovery Results Are In For Anonymous Google Blogger

Voila! After much strenuous prodding and pulling of Google's legal department, I finally got the partial results from my subpoena request for its malicious anonymous blog poster I've referred to throughout this blog as Cyber #1. It's about the now defunct blog at The person was writing extremely malicious material posting hundreds of articles and copyrighted infringement photos of me since 2007 accusing me of being everything under the sun.

The IP address Google provided is within 350 miles of the defendant's home and smack dab off the main highway artery in between the defendant's other home in Los Lunas, New Mexico.
This isn't exactly a smoking gun, so I had to really sit down with Google Earth to figure out what really happened.

The evidence shows the major artery highway that hooks up with La Mesa, CA, is one of two and the most logical highway path to get to Los Lunas, New Mexico, the other home of the defendant. On that day I'm alleging Cyber #1 took the most logical route while stopping in Tuscon Arizona for a possible overnight stay or perhaps lunch. There he planned to create his vicious blog, hoping the IP address wouldn't implicate him should any lawsuit be filed.

So, I guess I should show the map of Cyber #1's little trip in which he stopped on the way to start his vicious anonymous blog:

The latest defamatory post I show was in June, 2009 prior to the lawsuit that was filed. I'm also asking Google to provide that
IP information as well through a Motion to Compel because they've given me some excuse.

This evidence, when combined with accumulative and other
corroborating evidence, is strongly convincing. The defamatory postings in February, March, April and June 2009 fall well within the Statute of Limitations about my having allegedly forged documents as a public official among other things.

I wish this person would just sign my Settlement Agreement and agree to pay his own legal costs. I'm not asking for a cent (but if it gets as far as to trial I certainly will)! I would gladly then convert my blog to a new format. All I want is for this person to leave me alone and not post anything more under my name. He insists he's innocent and that I should pay his legal costs, something a court would never grant for a non-contract case.

For now, I'm celebrating because it is convincing evidence that falls within the Statute of Limitations of postings in 2009 since I have evidence of recent defamation in June.

The slam dunk is straight up ahead set to come from the new subpoena I served on America Online on December 23, 2009. That subpoena asks for the sub accounts of the defendant's admitted main account in 2007. This will be the slam dunk case sealer for sure if my hunch is right sub accounts were used from the main account in 2007.

All you have to do is show a jury or judge that the guy lied several times under oath and that he omitted relevant facts. Certain conduct can be analyzed such as "if someone was impostering you, why wouldn't you want to know the identity of such person who caused this lawsuit to be filed against you? Instead you, such and such.