Saturday, December 26, 2009

My Favorite Most Useful Service Provider in 2009 - Zip Car!

I love the convenience of having brand new model cars within a block from where I live, while not having to pay for gas, insurance or parking, all thanks to Zip Cars!

Zip Cars are now located across the country in many major cities. Zip allows you to do small errands around town for as low as $8.00/hr and have hybrid electric cars available if you're green. Their service agreement only requires a $50/year fee and use of hourly rates all year with no minimum requirements.

Aside from not worrying about gas and insurance costs, the convenience of using Zip Cars is they provide an assigned scan card to access the vehicles for immediate use. You can be in one of their cars within 30 minutes of needing to go somewhere! I have several Zip Car stations available in my area so there's no problem accessing transportation. Zip's on-line system enables you to reserve a car of your choice instantaneously. My experience is there is no problem booking a car on the weekday within 30 minutes of requiring one.

I've used Zip Cars several times now and have only needed to fuel up once due to a low tank. Zip car provides a gas card to use.

Cars used to be a problem for me, not any more thanks to Zip Car.