Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Legal Documents Stockpile Arsenal

Two mentally questionable, delusional vindictive strangers began writing nasty blogs about me in 2007 as if they knew me at one time, or as if they were even former boyfriends or disgruntled coworkers. As a result, two lawsuits have been filed and both blogs are gone. Depositions were conducted, subpoenas were issued, court hearings were and continue to be conducted.

Google recently provided the IP records for the blogs.

Cyber #2 at deposition:
"Did you create the blog? A: no comment"

People reading this blog who are considering any further mischief should really consider I have gathered a tremendous template of legal documents to work with in a lawsuit should I ever run into this problem again. A few are very sophisticated legal instruments that deal specifically with cyber stalker, defamation issues.

Here's a few document templates I have now:

Motion to Compel Response to Subpoena DECUS TECUM (includes Memorandum of Points & Authorities, Declarations)
(this legal instrument really works in getting major corporations to respond with records. Google immediately coughed up partial records after I forwarded them the draft)

Ex Parte Motion to Transfer Instant Case to . . . . . ." (for when they try to file a case in the wrong venue from where you filed the lawsuit)

Motion for Petition for Injunction.. . .. (w/Memo of P&As")

This is only a small few of what I have and will have.
I'll soon have other documents to counter another's vain attempt to squirm out of the lawsuit. I'll have a full arsenal of legal documents to use again should I require them.

The person on the other end, not being an attorney or legal professional, will be forced to pay out as little as $20,000 to defend their case.
I also have fairly good skills at conducting my own depositions, asking the right questions and submitting interrogatores.

So, I guess the message here is don't mess with me because I'll come after you with a case you'll have to spend thousands of dollars to defend yourself from.