Monday, December 14, 2009

You Learn Something New Every Day

I was at the court clerk's office today and a nice attorney was standing in line I managed to get some interesting information from. First, he was in pro per because he injured himself at a hotel in Taiwan a year ago. He was on a little push scooter because his foot was injured very seriously and still healing after a year.

What the attorney told me was it is extremely rare that courts ever award a prevailing party the other party's attorney fees. He says it is something the courts just don't do. I mentioned how strange that was since such a threat is always used to prevent frivolous lawsuits from occurring. He said it's a total fallacy. What this means is sue happy people can sue to their heart's content and never be charged another's attorney's fees if they lose. Wow!

There's some strange man who is under the illusion he can possibly get his attorneys fees awarded should some miracle occur and he get his case dismissed or win at trial. Fat chance.