Saturday, January 30, 2010

I Love Regus Businessworld's Spirit of Freedom!

I've been an office worker since I graduated high school in 1978 with the exception of working at the Front Desk of the Marriott hotel at LAX for a year. What this means is that I've felt overwhelmingly chained to an office desk space for nearly 30 years. This means I've been required to always be on time and at my desk an average of 7 hours or more a day.

For the past 10 years working at law firms, where I worked hundreds of hours of overtime, being required to be at my desk space was even more intense. Such is why when I discovered a new lifestyle, of having my own businesses using the Regus Businessworld lounges, I discovered for the first time in my life a sense of freedom in the business world.

Thanks to Regus, I'm no longer required to go to the same office each day, with the same people and petty politics. Now people call me from all over the city (and even from other states!) and tell me which Regus office they'd like to meet at. These aren't your typical kind of offices either, these are top notch stylish offices with nice views of San Francisco and the bay.

Just like a typical corporation, Regus has coffee and tea condiments available for its members. Suddenly, I find there's no boss, no petty politics, no real time demands, while the nice office, coffee, and many professional nice people are still there! At some of the Regus offices there's even a MAC to use.

Take for instance one of my favorite business locations at One Market, Spear Tower, on the 36th floor. This particular office allows its Business World Gold Card Members a large conference meeting room with a huge window overlooking San Francisco Bay. I recently had a meeting with an affiliate business representative in one of the offices. It's a great backdrop for any meeting. Regus also offers its Gold Card Members coffee and tea for their customers. There's a two customer at a time limit however.

For those looking for a way to break free from the traditional business world, Regus Businessworld is a good way to start-up your business on the cheap. When business grows, Regus offers other packages as well. For now I only pay $90 a month for two business addresses at a prestigious location. When you have a virtual office package, Regus even offers a FREE Gold Member Card that includes access to a free wireless connection. I had actually started with Regus first paying for the Gold Card because I didn't know it was free with the virtual office package.

Regus Businessworld is a great way to network and meet independent business owners. They have offices all over the world Gold Card Members can use.


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cyber Stalking Slumlord

I was wondering about the kind of company that would employ someone with the caliber of character of Cyber #1 as its building manager. I found what was overwhelmingly very bad reviews of such a company. I thought I'd post just a few of them from this review site.

When one stands up to criminals and people of lowly sleazy character, one often pays a price. Such individuals will commonly lash out, lie, call you unethical and overall give you a hard time. In the case of such nasty individuals one just has to keep moving forward with the facts.

One can certainly hope this management company doesn't use their cyber stalker, public nuisance employee to torment their tenants. God only knows what should happen if one of the tenants ever rises up against a sleazy slumlord manager. What kind of bullying, intimidation and humiliation might they possibly face?

"Sunrise Management" is "Slumrise Management"

by yankeeholiday at Citysearch

I cannot describe this management company without using all of the words forbidden by this service. I will only say that once you are under a lease with this company you are on your own. The law of the jungle rules in your apartment complex. They basically do not care what goes on in the apartment as long as they get the rent. Then you try to talk to the owners to tell the owners what is going on and they will not tell you who the owners are. This has got to the worst management company in the world. Do not get involved with them or you will be sorry. It is a living hell.

  • Pros: good if you are a terrible tenant
  • Cons: everything about them


by jacis1039 at Citysearch



Property Managers who break the laws to make the buck

by MadRenter at Citysearch

This company is all about the bottom dollar. The regional managers (especially Tracy Walker) treat the tenants like second class citizens. If you have a complaint, when the phone is finally answered, they turn it back on you. I had a dispute regarding a payment, one I had proof had been made, and Tracy put a 3 day notice on the door dated 2 days before she actually had it posted. By 9 am the next day I was told there was nothing I could do, the eviction had already been filed. When I requested the name of the owner of the building I was told that Sunrise was advised to no longer speak to me. All this because I reported their company for code violations.

  • Pros: I no longer live there
  • Cons: I, like 1/4 of their previous tenants now how an eviction on my record

Its all about the money to them, and when they are ready you are gone in a flash.

by jbarnes92104 at Citysearch

When you move into their properties dont do so with the expectation that they will follow the laws as far as renting go. Properties are not fixed, they do not give notice before entering, and they will try to get money from you any way they can. Dont try and complain about anything or you will get a 30 days notice.

  • Pros: There are one or two good people in the company
  • Cons: they dont answer their phones, and the regional managers lie and yell all the time.

Senior Dilemna

by Laine09 at Citysearch

Most seniors need affordable housing, especially when they must live alone. Now that there is no COLA, there should NOT be yearly increases on rent at The Orchard Apartments on Hancock Street. This is the main reason I changed my mind about renting from a greedy management company, such as yours!

  • Pros: Grow Your Own Garden
  • Cons: Rent Increases (Yearly)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Cyber Stalker Needed His Meds Today

As 10 year olds are blogging to raise money for the Haitian disaster victims, here's another example of what this mentally ill cyberstalker is writing about me lately. Yes, I have myself donated to Haiti recently. I've also gotten up to page 19 of my notary journal with my first 100 notarizations as a public servant. Shame on this creepy cyber stalker for what he does with his time! Read on because you won't believe what this cyber stalker's calling the public to do against me and my alleged criminality and fraud.

My Alleged Fraud Businesses, Imaginary Business Offices, Etc.
Among Cyber #1's many crazy allegations, he claims my businesses are all frauds. He also alleges I have a mail drop for an office, yet I work at the alleged mail drop and all over the city at Regus Offices. I'm a Gold Card Member at Regus having access to meet with clients all over the city at their business lounges.

Being a mobile notary, I also have virtual offices for two business, meaning I pick up mail there and can lawfully use the address as my business office. Besides, I do actually work there at times. They have small offices in their business lounge their members can use, a perfect place for me to notarize documents. Attorneys also use Regus offices, it's not a crime. You can rent offices by the hour as well. There's nothing unlawful or underhanded in using Regus offices to conduct one's business! People use Regus facilities all over the world. It's a cool way of conducting business.

The address she gives on her websites is just a maildrop. It is also an address for Regus Meeting Facilities, HLM Venture Partners, Incyte Capital LLC, and the CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF LONG DISTANCE TELEPHONE COMPANIES.

This guy is also inspiring the public to complain about me to the various associations I'm a member of and to "get me off the streets". This is an example of mentally ill Nazi fascism if there ever was. It's an example of someone who thinks I shouldn't be able to conduct business and live a life in America for whatever reasons he deems are justified. This is an example of an anarchist who has his own court of law for me.

"COMPLAIN to the City of San Francisco about this woman."
"Is that the way an ethical Notary acts? [you mean, by filing valid lawsuits against anonymous defaming posters such as yourself? [Note: Wollmann's Motion to Strike Entire Complaint was Denied on May 5, 2010] Yes! I'm a public servant professional who detects fraud and identity theft] Is that the way a SANE person acts? SFPD please take this maniac off the streets! SHEESH!" [A psychopath can't comprehend people change, life changes over time. You can't hold a notary public hostage in your perverted court of nonsense].

7. Does the County and City of San Francisco know of Merrill's virulent anti-gay and anti-lesbian diatribes? [Talk about delusional!! OMG, this guy is so off his rocker writing this stuff - he's clearly in need of meds}

If CALDA, NNA, the Women's Network of Entrepeneurs, and Lawyers & Legal Professionals using JD Supra, etc. didn't know about her history, criminal records, and overall paranoid, obsessive, unethical and sickening behavior, they will now. Merrill seeks "dirt' on attorneys who respond to her frivolous complaints. [this is really revealing since it shows the individual is clearly involved in the dispute to write such a thing.] She would be a hypocrite if she didn't welcome all these organizations being made aware of all the "dirt" on her.
This man is clearly jealous. This is an example of a Nazi fascist who believes I have no rights that I should be ejected from my domicile city and that people should storm troop in protest of me, my business(es) and carry me off somewhere. This is what men did to women in the dark ages, carrying them off to burn at the stake over their imaginary beliefs.

The guy who keeps writing this stuff should consider it ends up here on this blog for visitors to evaluate for themselves along with factual evidence provided about my two lawsuits. To see how a cyber operates to defame his victims, check out the testimony of the Court Hearing Transcript. It shows how these guys write anonymously about their victims with extreme contempt of their being alleged criminals.

The recent posts were created with an anonymous proxy program and the cowardly cyber uses Windows NT 5.1 - this is evidence I can u
se regardless:

logging-data="24692"; mail-complaints-to=
User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; I; Windows NT 5.1; en-
EU; rv:

Each cyber punk's post also gets rated and responded to with factual information of the true state of reality, as well as reported to Google for posting my home address information. Cyber #1 has a restraining order hearing scheduled March 12. Cyber #2 already has a restraining order he received on September 23, 2009. Both cyber punks are defendants in two separate lawsuits. Those are the facts!

The National Notary Association always acts for the public good during times of disaster asking its notaries to donate to such tragedies such as the Haitian earthquake.
It's so sad people are struggling for their lives in Haiti while such a parasite as this cyber has a dark hedonistic primal urge to spend his time maligning complete strangers on-line rather than doing something good on behalf of others. Mr. Cyber loves to feel that burning sensation within his hedonistic anti-soul that he's got power and control over his victim.

The Court will be doing a Google search to view the fruits of this cyber's labors and assessing damages accordingly thereof.

Americans Sign Petition to Repeal First Amendment

Since I've been summoned within the past few months to two courts outside my domicile that have no personal jurisdiction over me (Walnut Creek and San Diego, CA), over my First Amendment Rights to post on my blog about cyber stalkers, I thought this video was appropriate. Judges are clearly abusing their discretion to harass bloggers over their First Amendment Rights.

Considering I never contacted Cyber #2, that there were no police reports whatsoever, and Cyber #1 had much similar circumstances, it does appear the First Amendment is under attack and judges appear to be using restraining orders, in which they are given much discretion, to attack people's First Amendment Rights. What this means is anyone can walk into their local court and lie about someone and the court will oblige to summon such person 500 miles away. The good news is you can sue them for damages later if you can prove their misrepresented and lied to the judge.

George Orwell's 1984 Alive and Well in the U.S.
Basically, when I stood up to these cyber punks, they went to the local authorities with various lies and false allegations after they butchered my name on-line accusing me of being a criminal among other things. Both cybers also admit going to the FBI! The two courts granted these cyber punks full rights to bring me into court based on their perjury in spite of my protesting its having no personal jurisdiction outside my domicile. Judges are ignoring the "forum non-inconeviens" jurisdiction protest making excuses based on another's fraud to deny it.

Americans often confuse the First Amendment with things such as defamation. Defamation isn't a First Amendment Right and is unlawful. What they cyber punks do is first set up their victim using anonymous defamatory posts, then they walk into the local authorities hoping they will conspire with them against their victim. It's a guys thing, like they have this secret male code of honor of "hey bro, read up on this witch! Help me make my dream come true to make her a criminal!"

So, basically what these unlawful "big brother" Orwelian cyberstalkers have thus far successfully demonstrated is how they can give their victim a hard time by summoning them into a court of law far away, based on perjury and fraud. What they didn't count on for me is that I have the time, resources and legal knowledge to ultimately defeat them.
The average person wouldn't stand a chance dealing with these cybers. Few can afford the attorney fees let alone have the necessary time and patience.

Thus far two California judges have demonstrated they have no regard for the U.S. Constitution, including summoning someone in protest under forum non-conveniens 500 miles outside one's domicile over baseless accusations over one's blog posts. It's fortunate judge #2, appointed by the infamous widely held incompetent Governor Schwarzenegger, was taken completely out of the situation being transferred to a new court. I was able to get my case heard first in another court nearby where I can appear telephonically rather than being forced on a plane to testify in person.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Edmond Wollmann's Subpoena to

I recently noted has updated its article Does Astrology Cause Insanity?" which included many references and email posts of Edmond Wollmann.

In spite of Wollmann's recent crazy subpoena to it, isn't intimidated by phony copyright infringement threats as some of the other sites have been.
I've noted a few of my blog's former links are now broken due to people being intimidated to remove information. Edmond Wollmann can be considered a public figure for having a book on Amazon while having also been on television programs in the 1980's. Wollmann's posts, emails and letters can easily be referenced under "fair use" copyright laws.

I don't necessarily agree that astrology causes insanity but the article is worth noting. If one scrolls down the article, one can see how Edmond Wollmann contacted the FBI complaining about his website being dislodged at the top of the search engines and all kinds of bizarre delusional paranoid type of stuff.

Here's a small blurb from the article.
It would be interesting to see if belief in astrology for long periods of time can cause paranoid delusions or expressions of other cognitive difficulties. Such an academic study might be able to explain astrologers who express unusual notions such as Mr. Edmond H. Wollmann's unfortunate public comments. Take a glance at this particular quote provided under the terms of "Fair Use" directly from one of Mr. Wollmann's many Internet web pages.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Court Transcripts of Restraining Order Hearing Revealing

I had my day in court against Cyber #2, a complete stranger, back on September 23, 2009 and it was a clear route of a man in complete denial. I recently paid $300 for a court transcript to support my complaint for damages in a lawsuit.

Back in July, 2009 while I was enjoying a rare vacation in Las Vegas, Cyber #2 walked into a small town judge claiming I had allegedly sent some non-threatening document to him from Vancouver, Washington. He also claimed I had stalked his
girlfriend (50+ years old) 18 times, and that I posted about him on the Internet. The later was the only thing that was partially true.

It's true I had posted articles about Cyber #2 in some minimal capacity, but only under First Amendment Rights due to his activities against myself and his other victims who contacted me. I had done nothing unlawful whatsoever. If Cyber #2 believed what I wrote was defamatory, he sh
ould have filed a lawsuit complaint as such instead of claiming I had harassed him. I never contacted Cyber #2 except once in 2006 by email, and didn't know anything about his girlfriend.

The Walnut Creek Superior Court was in complete error to violate my First Amendment Rights and summon me to another city over this matter. Especially when I had initially contested its jurisdiction and under forum non-inconveniens! It should have been dismissed on the spot when I showed up protesting jurisdiction. Instead they wanted to reschedule. No way! The court continually overstepped the U.S. Constitution in requiring no evidence of contact related harassment, including not requesting any real police reports from Cyber #2 he claimed to have filed.

Cyber #2's Reemergence After Name Change in 2007
When the cyber sent me an anonymous threatening message through my new music site in May, 2009, I traced it to the Apple Computer Store in Walnut Creek. Apple conducted an investigation and told me there was a name change. I then contacted an attorney through my Pre-Paid Legal Plan, Ricardo Mercado of Parker Stanbury LLP
for a cease and desist letter. It took the law firm several weeks to produce the final draft letter, then we learned of the name change, so the entire process was stalled about a month. Prior to my sending the letter, Cyber #2 applied for a RO claiming I had harassed him. This even after he sent me an anonymous postcard among other things.
This was the alleged dangerous threat made to Cyber #2, the Walnut Creek Super Court deemed fit for a Temporary Restraining Order - A letter postmarked from Vancouver Washington I was accused of sending. Our court system's becoming a farce with this kind of activity from cyberstalkers trying to frame their victims.

It takes a lot to stand up to cyberstalking criminals who hide behind anonymous ID's who viciously sabotage their victims. This court transcript reveals how two other parties experienced the same mean spirited vicious activities I did.

Cyber Stalker's Vulnerabilities
In evaluating the greatest vulnerabilities of these cyber stalkers who pose anonymously to do their dirty deeds, I'd have to say their claim of complete innocence and victimization by their victims has got to be a huge gapping problem for them in a court of law. Their denials and lack of self reflection demonstrate they have a mental disorder of some sort. Their delusions also tend to present themselves in a court of law by means of various discovery.

My Duty as an American Citizen to Protest
Lastly, it's my duty as an American citizen to protest whenever the government oversteps the U.S. Constitution to violate one's First Amendment Rights. Basically, Cyber #2 was able to have the court summon me to another jurisdiction to address what really comes down to my blog article disclosures of his unlawful victimization of myself and two other victims. These few articles were well within my rights. I was also falsely accused of posting materials another party posted long ago.

I recently had a legal document assistant tell me her application on behalf of a client for a temporary restraining order against a registered sex offender recently released from prison, a former husband, was not granted. Go figure what's wrong with our court system. They require an enormous amount of evidence to protect victims of real criminals, while they allow psychos like Cyber #2 the scantiest farce of information to get a temporary restraining order against their victim.

Court Hearing Transcript 

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Scary Times; Defendant Astrologer Requests My Time of Birth

Here's more discovery for my case. This was posted a while ago on October 13, 2009.

It starts out:

On Oct 13, 4:52*am, Lou Seffer <> wrote:
> Edmond Wollmann lied:

> > I live in a gated community,

> Nice delusions of grandeur, kook. You live in a shitty apartment complex
> with a fence around it.

> > if someone comes to my gates they must
> > state who they are and their purpose, if they lie and don't identify
> > themselves, I don't have to let them in.

> Right. I'll bet you have a moat around your "castle" too.

> All those incredible defenses, such unbeatable security, and yet you
> still got SERVED, you lying dumbfuck.

Evidently the server breached the gates illegally by tresspassing, or unlawfully entered by following a tenant in while the gate was open. Either way all he did was stuff it in my door, he never identitified himself.


There are dozens of pages of posts on this site's thread, one in which EW dwells on the alleged imposter who sent me emails trying to frame him for writing me. Someone took the posts and transferred them onto, which is the Global Usenet Archiver. More info for my discovery.

Then there's this one:

Will this guy ever knock this stuff off? I once even offered him money to get over it! Then when he didn't respond to my cease and desist letters I filed a lawsuit. I then offered him a settlement agreement after he took down his blog and all he had to do was agree to stop posting stuff under my name. He prefers to obsess over me and try to find out my astrological information details.

Here are some other examples of recent defamatory posts of an extremely jealous, vicious man who can't stop posting malicious materials. I was fully background checked by the government three times already, yet this man wants to hold me hostage in his own court of law because he's an anarchist.

Example of Recent Defamation
Example of Defamation #2

What kind of reasonable individual would post in the midst of having a lawsuit filed against him for the Plaintiff's time of birth data? Who in their right mind?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Swarm of Earthquakes at Yellowstone National Park Intensifies

My browser keeps shaking away from Yellowstone National Park earthquakes. The past three days there's been a whopping 424 earthquakes at the park. The last one happened just minutes ago when I wrote this article and was the largest at, a 3.6. (I know because my FireFox browser was shaking wildly.)

This "swarm" as they call it, has come after an 11 months of quiet seismic activity. The most devastating earthquake in recent history in Yellowstone was in 1959 and a magnitude of 7.3.

According to scientists, this swarm isn't anything abnormal and doesn't indicate any impending volcanic eruption activity.

At this time the Yellowstone Volcano Observatory does not consider the swarm to be unusual and the earthquakes are likely related to tectonic fault sources. Also there is no indication of premonitory volcanic or hydrothermal activity, but ongoing analyses will evaluate these different sources. Information on the earthquake can be viewed at the University of Utah Seismograph Stations:

Seismograph recordings from stations of the Yellowstone seismograph station can be viewed online at:

Anyone who has felt earthquakes in the swarm are encouraged to fill out a form on the USGS Community Felt reports web site:

Monday, January 18, 2010

Oh No, Yellowstone's Shaking!

I have one of those special FireFox Add-ons that lets me know whenever there's an earthquake anywhere in the world by shaking my browser. Not just simply shaking the browser, but also measuring the intensity of the shake which is reflected in the degree of the browser's shaking. So, I'll be typing away at something and suddenly my browser interrupts what I'm doing. This has been accelerating a lot lately. Today there were even earthquakes in Yellowstone.

From recent Discovery Channel publicity, Yellowstone is widely recognized as the epicenter of a super volcano. They claim we're due for a super volcanic eruption that happens every few hundred thousands of years. Should that volcano ever blow, it's the end of the United States and much of civilization as we know it. I sincerely doubt the super volcano will blow but the very fact it could is frightening to say the least. It would change the entire future of the world and civilization in a split few seconds.

If my browser weren't continually shaking I wouldn't know about any earthquakes. Sometimes ignorance is bliss, but it pays to be aware of certain things. I've battened down the hatches with special earthquake proofing in my home too.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I Can't Believe I Once Performed Samuel Barber's Adagio for Strings

This is an interesting NPR radio broadcast about the famous conductor Arturo Toscanini and how he came to perform an unlikely piece, Samuel Barber's Adagio for Strings. I knew when I performed this piece at the Wildwood Music Camp in Idyllwild California in 1973, that it was a very special piece of music. I raved about it as my favorite piece years afterward. I'm so amazed when I listen to this music I once played it with a few of today's top musicians.

We musicians rehearsed and ultimately performed this piece during an ominous fire burning the forest a few miles away. It was eerie playing this music in the midst of a major forest fire nearby to say the least.

Samuel Barber's Adagio for Strings is an emotionally powerful piece of music that's also been recently entered into the historical archives for the infamous conductor's Arturo Toscanini radio broadcast in 1938. This broadcast was heard by millions of Americans and is considered to be the height of classical music performances in the United States.

This piece of music has been played at Einstein's funeral, JFK's and many others. It tends to put people in touch with their emotions of sadness.

Friday, January 15, 2010

My Favorite Adagio of All Time - Albinoni's in G Minor

I've been listening to a lot of classical music lately. This particular performance of Albinoni's Adagio in G Minor isn't necessarily, nor anywhere near, the best recording I've heard, but the visuals make up the difference compared to other videos. I used to love Samuel Barbers' Adagio for Strings, but now prefer this one. I regret never performing Albinoni's piece, but at least I got to perform the Adagio for Strings along with a few of today's top musicians.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

California's in Dire Straits

Yes, it's sad but true. Along with California recently having fallen to #49 in the nation in its public education rating, the state's fiscal condition is dire being on the verge of bankruptcy.

Imagine a court system that had to trim a day a month off its calendar due to the pending budget crisis, and you have California! Or imagine an incompetent,
unqualified Governor who violated the law to furlough state worker's pay to deal with the crisis? That's California. The state is in dire straights.

Living in a deteriorating state such as California, one begins noticing cracks in hull of the ship, like how judges are beginning to show signs of disregarding the U.S. Constitution while overstepping their boundaries. Consider how a judge, having been appointed by what many believe to be an incompetent Governor Schwarzenegger, used California tax payer's money yesterday to act on behalf of Edmond Wollmann as his personal defense attorney and mouthpiece. I'll have a transcript shortly of the hearing and will quote verbatim what the Judge said.

First let me say from a legal perspective what happened at yesterday's hearing was in my favor but that was only due to my proper procedural motions. Mr. Wollmann has failed since October 15, 2009 to obtain a permanent restraining order hearing against me because he filed it in what I'm contesting is the wrong court. Instead, Mr. Wollmann was denied a hearing for the umpteenth time. What this means is that my Petition for Injunction; Order to Show Cause; Restraining Order will be heard instead in the Central division of the San Diego Superior Court. I'm therefore assured of having a restraining order against Edmond Wollmann on March 12, 2010. As for Mr. Wollmann's restraining order application, it's in limbo awaiting my transfer motion on March 12, 2010 on where the case should be heard.

Aside from this successful outcome at the hearing yesterday, there was a rather unfortunate dark side. There's always a dark side when dealing with a practitioner of the black arts! The dark side was the mind contortions the judge took part in
on behalf of Mr. Wollmann in attempt to torment me over my case. It was as if the judge felt bad he had to do his job to grant another continuance in my favor, that he had to make up for it somehow by dissing my entire case he had no authority or jurisdiction over.
"First you summon me to your court 500 miles away inappropriately and without cause over my First Amendment Rights to post blog articles in my defense, while ignoring forum non-convienes I raised? Then you overstep your boundaries as a judge in defense of and on behalf of someone in pro per who has the audacity under such circumstances to complain he has to drive 16 miles to get to court where the lawsuit was filed he initially evaded?"
Okay, let's figure it out by doing the math. The defendant takes the freeway from La Mesa, CA to downtown San Diego court. It's about 16 miles. The vehicle travels 55-60 mph on the freeway. How many minutes is this drive in typical traffic? So, in reality he's really complaining about having to drive 20 minutes to get to court? A reasonable judge wouldn't even address the petty issue. If I were a judge I'd be telling him "So, hey you filed something against this person who is being summoned 500 miles away, and you have a problem having to drive 20 minutes to get to court?" Get over it! It's laughable. It's pathetic. California taxpayers' money at work.

Imagine when a state begins to go bankrupt, what happens in the minds of judges? Do they go through an identity crisis that their state is becoming insolvent
and their court potentially irrelevant? When black art occultists begin manipulating the subconscious minds and, perhaps even identities, of judges and they give in easily to such manipulation, could this not be just another sign of a court system on the verge of collapse? Where's the line drawn? Where are the boundaries? What's happening to "forum non-conveniens" the courts are beginning to overlook? What about First Amendment Rights issues, and why isn't sound evidence required anymore when someone walks in ex parte to a judge to make false accusations of another 500 miles away? How about REAL police reports being required instead of petty police incident tickets anyone can walk into a police department to write up themselves without any evidence?

Those are just my thoughts about yesterday's hearing. After a continuance was appropriately granted in my favor, the court hearing should have been adjourned. Instead of dismissing me, the court lingered on to address the psychological needs of a man who continues to remain in denial, who insists on playing the role of an innocent victim, who is in such a power struggle that he has a problem driving a few miles away from his home to the central court in San Diego, so he must continually use the court as his mouthpiece to complain of the inconvenience. This, while I've been summoned to appear 500 miles away from my home inappropriately and unjustifiably.

The nerve!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Getting Body Sculpted AGain

I went back to working out at a gym since June of 2009 having noted a tremendous turnaround in my overall health. Two years ago I stopped working out using just a home exercise regimen and my body was really beginning to show signs of it.

In just a matter of a few months of weight retention and cardio vascular workouts I'm feeling so much better. I'm back on track with overall physical strength. I'd even go so far as to say I'm feeling as I did in my 30's. My muscles are getting toned and shaped again, something I've missed for a while. There's nothing like having a well toned muscularly sculpted body. Just as long as it's not overdoing it.

It's amazing how quickly the human body reacts to proper diet and exercise. I make homemade wheat tortillas now and make sure to eat plenty of vegetables, primarily leafy green spinach salads.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Nob Hill Notary Provides Much Needed Service in San Francisco

I began doing business for the local Nob Hill and surrounding communities in San Francisco in November of 2009. My business, Nob Hill Notary Services, allows me to meet with those from my local community as a Notary Public to provide much needed notarization services.

Customers can call within reasonable hours and be rest assured of having their documents notarized if they meet legal requirements. I'm repeatedly told how difficult a task it is for people to locate available notaries in San Francisco. Hence, there's a real need for what I do. For instance, a young lawyer contacted me last Friday night and was able to get a notarization within 15 minutes of his urgent inquiry.

There are a few local businesses that claim to provide notary services, such as UPS. In most cases UPS notaries are also on call and not available on-site. People go to places such as UPS expecting to find a notary only to learn they have to wait as long as 4 hours or more. In contrast, Nob Hill Notary Services offers many locations in San Francisco, including Nob Hill where I notarize at the local hotel establishments including the Fairmont Hotel. I'm mobile and, in most cases, can come to the customer within one hour.

My main office is located at 50 California Street, Suite 1500. I currently spend 20% of my time in the office, but will most likely increase my office time significantly over the next few months to serve the financial district where I seem to get the bulk notarization requests.

Notarizations are mostly by appointment but I can generally provide services within one hour of a phone inquiry. However, there is a two signature minimum unless I happen to be immediately available in my office.

Nob Hill Notary Services
50 California Street, Suite 1500
San Francisco, CA 94111

Saturday, January 9, 2010

At Your Service Legal Document Prep Provides Much Needed Self-Help Legal Services

January 9, 2010 San Francisco, CA. It's no secret that attorneys have become largely unaffordable to the average American. Not only are they unaffordable, but many recently polled believe attorneys provide substandard services. I can attest to the fact from my experiences that many attorneys provide poor services while charging far too much money. Attorneys, such as a few I've written about on this blog, will take their clients for a ride for the tune of thousands of dollars doing virtually nothing on their behalves. In some cases, attorneys are nothing more than criminals and blackmailers with a bar number. On the other hand, there are many outstanding attorneys but they're usually inaccessible to the average American's pocketbook.

My new business,
At Your Service Legal Document Prep, is a self-help legal service for those who are self-represented with non-complex legal matters. Under a client's direction, I prepare their legal forms and direct them to general legal information to help them provide the information I need to complete their documents. I then file them with the court. Attorneys can perform the same work at much higher costs to the individual.

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Puppet Master Attorneys

I've got significant evidence that the court system on the lower levels is really playing on people's stupidity to profit from them. That's right, they're pulling people's strings like their puppets so they can profit off of fabricated overblown disputes. When the legal system overblows and manipulates people's petty disputes, they profit from it. I've got significant evidence now to confirm many people in the system are simply playing people for fools with no intent to help, but merely to exploit any circumstances to generate money.

So you have this lawyer who has studied law and all kinds of case
scenarios. They studied preconceived stories they learn in law school to address legal issues. However in the real world, they actually learn to become masters to manipulate situations to make legal issues that thereby generates money for themselves. They create legal issues out of thin air and thereby become God! I've seen it happen for a while now. I'm convinced these people in the legal field think they're so smart that they're playing people for fools. Deliberately. Calculatedly.
A man slips on a banana peel at a corporation. He sues the company for negligence as he had no way of avoiding the situation." Did it really happen that way? Or did the attorney mold it to fit the case law he studied?
This is what is happening in a bad economy; attorneys can shape reality to suit their case law. Regardless the room was well lit and the banana peel was dropped by the plaintiff, he blamed the corporation for his fall that broke his back. An attorney is called, observes the company is wealthy, and could care less the man really tossed the banana on the ground.

That's what's wrong with our legal system. Too many sleazy attorneys who exploit and deliberately over blow circumstances for financial gain.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Cyber #1 Served with BIG KAHUNA Restraining Order

Last night Cyber #1 was served something long overdue he should have received from, not only myself, but his many other victims. This "Motion for Petition for Injunction and Order to Show Cause; Restraining Order" was filed December, 31, 2009 and is now a public document. The exhibits makes it nearly 100 pages! This isn't just any restraining order either, it's the BIG KAHUNA, an injunction motion for this creep in denial to leave me the hell alone. I've been told my motion assures me of getting a restraining order granted by the Court overseeing the lawsuit.

What Edmond Wollmann Posted Sunday Night on RIP-OFF REPORT
Edmond Wollmann wasted no time responding after learning through the court's ledger I had an injunction filed against him. He began his posting rage on January 2, 2010 on various sites, including Yelp, to damage my new businesses. They are real businesses! He's obviously a very jealous man.

I've worked very hard towards rebuilding my life after Mr. Wollmann and another cyber stalker ruined my plans to be a singer. I got an education in law with a paralegal certificate and have since been fully background checked by the State of California, FBI and Department of Justice.

So, this is an example of someone who thinks he's above the law, an anarchist Mr. Wollmann's anonymous posting activities.

Mr. Important thinks he overrules the FBI, DOJ, State of California Debra Bowen, that I'm not good enough a person and my business licenses are a fraud because he says so!?

This post will undoubtedly be used to win my lawsuit as the final nail to seal it all up. The Court will award me whatever reasonable amount I'm seeking now. I'm amending the Complaint to include Mr. Wollmann's latest attempt to ruin my new business, one that is worth and projected to be six figures over the next few years. An expert will be able to project my business earnings which were damaged by Mr. Wollmann's latest defamation.

Mr. Suave may think he's irresistible and charming to the opposite sex, but not in this case by a long shot. In my eyes he's an obnoxious public nuisance (2003), trespassing (1998) convicted criminal, and not anywhere near the caliber of men I've dated throughout my life. Men like Michael Lynberg, Harvard graduate, the late Michael Egan, professional lute player, Jeff Linsky, latin guitarist, and numerous other hig
h quality men (many of whom names I can't remember LOL) of character. Sure, these weren't long term relationships, the longest being 1.5 years, but it shows the type of men I used to date in my 20's; well educated, classy talented and successful kind of men.

Mr. Creep needs to leave me alone and knock off holding me hostage to his power trip that started in 2007. I am by no means a hated person, but he is! This man has been writing as if he knows me as a complete stranger because he's got what I and other victims believe to be MALIGNANT NARCISSISTIC PERSONALITY DISORDER. You do one slight thing to reject these kind of people and they will make you out to appear to be a hated person to everyone.

This deranged Cyber #1 did a lot of damage to my former emerging singing career. YouTube also blocked visit counts of my videos that were barred from a larger viewership. My videos have been frozen for view counts nearly a year now. I was discriminated against and severely stigmatized for this man's defamatory blog postings. Of course, my singing career didn't have a chance with my name utterly ruined with this guy's posting activities.

It's really sad what these mentally ill men will do to keep women in bondage. If I were a black women, I could scream racism for sure and run to the media. Because I'm white, I'm supposed to take this all as if it's normal.

This mentally deranged man's visits to my site averaged 24 a month from particular revolving addresses in San Diego and La Mesa.

Needless to say, these IP's have all been blocked from visiting my music site.