Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Americans Sign Petition to Repeal First Amendment

Since I've been summoned within the past few months to two courts outside my domicile that have no personal jurisdiction over me (Walnut Creek and San Diego, CA), over my First Amendment Rights to post on my blog about cyber stalkers, I thought this video was appropriate. Judges are clearly abusing their discretion to harass bloggers over their First Amendment Rights.

Considering I never contacted Cyber #2, that there were no police reports whatsoever, and Cyber #1 had much similar circumstances, it does appear the First Amendment is under attack and judges appear to be using restraining orders, in which they are given much discretion, to attack people's First Amendment Rights. What this means is anyone can walk into their local court and lie about someone and the court will oblige to summon such person 500 miles away. The good news is you can sue them for damages later if you can prove their misrepresented and lied to the judge.

George Orwell's 1984 Alive and Well in the U.S.
Basically, when I stood up to these cyber punks, they went to the local authorities with various lies and false allegations after they butchered my name on-line accusing me of being a criminal among other things. Both cybers also admit going to the FBI! The two courts granted these cyber punks full rights to bring me into court based on their perjury in spite of my protesting its having no personal jurisdiction outside my domicile. Judges are ignoring the "forum non-inconeviens" jurisdiction protest making excuses based on another's fraud to deny it.

Americans often confuse the First Amendment with things such as defamation. Defamation isn't a First Amendment Right and is unlawful. What they cyber punks do is first set up their victim using anonymous defamatory posts, then they walk into the local authorities hoping they will conspire with them against their victim. It's a guys thing, like they have this secret male code of honor of "hey bro, read up on this witch! Help me make my dream come true to make her a criminal!"

So, basically what these unlawful "big brother" Orwelian cyberstalkers have thus far successfully demonstrated is how they can give their victim a hard time by summoning them into a court of law far away, based on perjury and fraud. What they didn't count on for me is that I have the time, resources and legal knowledge to ultimately defeat them.
The average person wouldn't stand a chance dealing with these cybers. Few can afford the attorney fees let alone have the necessary time and patience.

Thus far two California judges have demonstrated they have no regard for the U.S. Constitution, including summoning someone in protest under forum non-conveniens 500 miles outside one's domicile over baseless accusations over one's blog posts. It's fortunate judge #2, appointed by the infamous widely held incompetent Governor Schwarzenegger, was taken completely out of the situation being transferred to a new court. I was able to get my case heard first in another court nearby where I can appear telephonically rather than being forced on a plane to testify in person.