Saturday, January 9, 2010

At Your Service Legal Document Prep Provides Much Needed Self-Help Legal Services

January 9, 2010 San Francisco, CA. It's no secret that attorneys have become largely unaffordable to the average American. Not only are they unaffordable, but many recently polled believe attorneys provide substandard services. I can attest to the fact from my experiences that many attorneys provide poor services while charging far too much money. Attorneys, such as a few I've written about on this blog, will take their clients for a ride for the tune of thousands of dollars doing virtually nothing on their behalves. In some cases, attorneys are nothing more than criminals and blackmailers with a bar number. On the other hand, there are many outstanding attorneys but they're usually inaccessible to the average American's pocketbook.

My new business,
At Your Service Legal Document Prep, is a self-help legal service for those who are self-represented with non-complex legal matters. Under a client's direction, I prepare their legal forms and direct them to general legal information to help them provide the information I need to complete their documents. I then file them with the court. Attorneys can perform the same work at much higher costs to the individual.

Along with performing work as a legal document assistant, I offer loan signing agent and mobile notary public services in San Francisco. I work as an affiliate with FISERV as a closing agent and also with, Safedocs™. Safedocs™ enables my business to provide digital courier services, the next step in green document delivery.

Cheryl Meril, LDA
At Your Service Legal Document Prep
"We are not attorneys. We can only provide legal self-help services at your direction."
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