Saturday, January 2, 2010

Big Brother Running Amok

Since the beginning of time, certain men have believed themselves to be above the law. Usually these kind of people are mentally ill and delusional whose masquerade eventually unravels. Bernie Madoff is just one example. These type of people push the envelope to the point of igniting revolutions and uprisings of the masses.

Here's what self-ascribed operatives of a corrupt government do. They write propaganda anonymously on blogs about their victim. They then report that person to the FBI and file for restraining orders with their local community judge. In their minds, the FBI and judge will read what they wrote about their victim.

Imagine if you were a target of such vindictive individuals? That they would set up an anonymous blog(s) on you full of all kinds of misrepresentations and lies and then report you to the FBI and their local judge ex parte? Someone should write a screenplay about this kind of thing. It should be called "Cyberstalked". People have no idea how destructive to one's life this kind of stuff is.

The bottom line is this. These men need to come to terms that they can't get away with not taking a look in the mirror at themselves and behavior any longer. They're not above the law! They need to stop blaming others for their insecurity problems and go visit their local therapist.