Saturday, January 23, 2010

Court Transcripts of Restraining Order Hearing Revealing

I had my day in court against Cyber #2, a complete stranger, back on September 23, 2009 and it was a clear route of a man in complete denial. I recently paid $300 for a court transcript to support my complaint for damages in a lawsuit.

Back in July, 2009 while I was enjoying a rare vacation in Las Vegas, Cyber #2 walked into a small town judge claiming I had allegedly sent some non-threatening document to him from Vancouver, Washington. He also claimed I had stalked his
girlfriend (50+ years old) 18 times, and that I posted about him on the Internet. The later was the only thing that was partially true.

It's true I had posted articles about Cyber #2 in some minimal capacity, but only under First Amendment Rights due to his activities against myself and his other victims who contacted me. I had done nothing unlawful whatsoever. If Cyber #2 believed what I wrote was defamatory, he sh
ould have filed a lawsuit complaint as such instead of claiming I had harassed him. I never contacted Cyber #2 except once in 2006 by email, and didn't know anything about his girlfriend.

The Walnut Creek Superior Court was in complete error to violate my First Amendment Rights and summon me to another city over this matter. Especially when I had initially contested its jurisdiction and under forum non-inconveniens! It should have been dismissed on the spot when I showed up protesting jurisdiction. Instead they wanted to reschedule. No way! The court continually overstepped the U.S. Constitution in requiring no evidence of contact related harassment, including not requesting any real police reports from Cyber #2 he claimed to have filed.

Cyber #2's Reemergence After Name Change in 2007
When the cyber sent me an anonymous threatening message through my new music site in May, 2009, I traced it to the Apple Computer Store in Walnut Creek. Apple conducted an investigation and told me there was a name change. I then contacted an attorney through my Pre-Paid Legal Plan, Ricardo Mercado of Parker Stanbury LLP
for a cease and desist letter. It took the law firm several weeks to produce the final draft letter, then we learned of the name change, so the entire process was stalled about a month. Prior to my sending the letter, Cyber #2 applied for a RO claiming I had harassed him. This even after he sent me an anonymous postcard among other things.
This was the alleged dangerous threat made to Cyber #2, the Walnut Creek Super Court deemed fit for a Temporary Restraining Order - A letter postmarked from Vancouver Washington I was accused of sending. Our court system's becoming a farce with this kind of activity from cyberstalkers trying to frame their victims.

It takes a lot to stand up to cyberstalking criminals who hide behind anonymous ID's who viciously sabotage their victims. This court transcript reveals how two other parties experienced the same mean spirited vicious activities I did.

Cyber Stalker's Vulnerabilities
In evaluating the greatest vulnerabilities of these cyber stalkers who pose anonymously to do their dirty deeds, I'd have to say their claim of complete innocence and victimization by their victims has got to be a huge gapping problem for them in a court of law. Their denials and lack of self reflection demonstrate they have a mental disorder of some sort. Their delusions also tend to present themselves in a court of law by means of various discovery.

My Duty as an American Citizen to Protest
Lastly, it's my duty as an American citizen to protest whenever the government oversteps the U.S. Constitution to violate one's First Amendment Rights. Basically, Cyber #2 was able to have the court summon me to another jurisdiction to address what really comes down to my blog article disclosures of his unlawful victimization of myself and two other victims. These few articles were well within my rights. I was also falsely accused of posting materials another party posted long ago.

I recently had a legal document assistant tell me her application on behalf of a client for a temporary restraining order against a registered sex offender recently released from prison, a former husband, was not granted. Go figure what's wrong with our court system. They require an enormous amount of evidence to protect victims of real criminals, while they allow psychos like Cyber #2 the scantiest farce of information to get a temporary restraining order against their victim.

Court Hearing Transcript