Monday, January 4, 2010

Cyber #1 Served with BIG KAHUNA Restraining Order

Last night Cyber #1 was served something long overdue he should have received from, not only myself, but his many other victims. This "Motion for Petition for Injunction and Order to Show Cause; Restraining Order" was filed December, 31, 2009 and is now a public document. The exhibits makes it nearly 100 pages! This isn't just any restraining order either, it's the BIG KAHUNA, an injunction motion for this creep in denial to leave me the hell alone. I've been told my motion assures me of getting a restraining order granted by the Court overseeing the lawsuit.

What Edmond Wollmann Posted Sunday Night on RIP-OFF REPORT
Edmond Wollmann wasted no time responding after learning through the court's ledger I had an injunction filed against him. He began his posting rage on January 2, 2010 on various sites, including Yelp, to damage my new businesses. They are real businesses! He's obviously a very jealous man.

I've worked very hard towards rebuilding my life after Mr. Wollmann and another cyber stalker ruined my plans to be a singer. I got an education in law with a paralegal certificate and have since been fully background checked by the State of California, FBI and Department of Justice.

So, this is an example of someone who thinks he's above the law, an anarchist Mr. Wollmann's anonymous posting activities.

Mr. Important thinks he overrules the FBI, DOJ, State of California Debra Bowen, that I'm not good enough a person and my business licenses are a fraud because he says so!?

This post will undoubtedly be used to win my lawsuit as the final nail to seal it all up. The Court will award me whatever reasonable amount I'm seeking now. I'm amending the Complaint to include Mr. Wollmann's latest attempt to ruin my new business, one that is worth and projected to be six figures over the next few years. An expert will be able to project my business earnings which were damaged by Mr. Wollmann's latest defamation.

Mr. Suave may think he's irresistible and charming to the opposite sex, but not in this case by a long shot. In my eyes he's an obnoxious public nuisance (2003), trespassing (1998) convicted criminal, and not anywhere near the caliber of men I've dated throughout my life. Men like Michael Lynberg, Harvard graduate, the late Michael Egan, professional lute player, Jeff Linsky, latin guitarist, and numerous other hig
h quality men (many of whom names I can't remember LOL) of character. Sure, these weren't long term relationships, the longest being 1.5 years, but it shows the type of men I used to date in my 20's; well educated, classy talented and successful kind of men.

Mr. Creep needs to leave me alone and knock off holding me hostage to his power trip that started in 2007. I am by no means a hated person, but he is! This man has been writing as if he knows me as a complete stranger because he's got what I and other victims believe to be MALIGNANT NARCISSISTIC PERSONALITY DISORDER. You do one slight thing to reject these kind of people and they will make you out to appear to be a hated person to everyone.

This deranged Cyber #1 did a lot of damage to my former emerging singing career. YouTube also blocked visit counts of my videos that were barred from a larger viewership. My videos have been frozen for view counts nearly a year now. I was discriminated against and severely stigmatized for this man's defamatory blog postings. Of course, my singing career didn't have a chance with my name utterly ruined with this guy's posting activities.

It's really sad what these mentally ill men will do to keep women in bondage. If I were a black women, I could scream racism for sure and run to the media. Because I'm white, I'm supposed to take this all as if it's normal.

This mentally deranged man's visits to my site averaged 24 a month from particular revolving addresses in San Diego and La Mesa.

Needless to say, these IP's have all been blocked from visiting my music site.