Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Cyber Stalker Needed His Meds Today

As 10 year olds are blogging to raise money for the Haitian disaster victims, here's another example of what this mentally ill cyberstalker is writing about me lately. Yes, I have myself donated to Haiti recently. I've also gotten up to page 19 of my notary journal with my first 100 notarizations as a public servant. Shame on this creepy cyber stalker for what he does with his time! Read on because you won't believe what this cyber stalker's calling the public to do against me and my alleged criminality and fraud.

My Alleged Fraud Businesses, Imaginary Business Offices, Etc.
Among Cyber #1's many crazy allegations, he claims my businesses are all frauds. He also alleges I have a mail drop for an office, yet I work at the alleged mail drop and all over the city at Regus Offices. I'm a Gold Card Member at Regus having access to meet with clients all over the city at their business lounges.

Being a mobile notary, I also have virtual offices for two business, meaning I pick up mail there and can lawfully use the address as my business office. Besides, I do actually work there at times. They have small offices in their business lounge their members can use, a perfect place for me to notarize documents. Attorneys also use Regus offices, it's not a crime. You can rent offices by the hour as well. There's nothing unlawful or underhanded in using Regus offices to conduct one's business! People use Regus facilities all over the world. It's a cool way of conducting business.

The address she gives on her websites is just a maildrop. It is also an address for Regus Meeting Facilities, HLM Venture Partners, Incyte Capital LLC, and the CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF LONG DISTANCE TELEPHONE COMPANIES.

This guy is also inspiring the public to complain about me to the various associations I'm a member of and to "get me off the streets". This is an example of mentally ill Nazi fascism if there ever was. It's an example of someone who thinks I shouldn't be able to conduct business and live a life in America for whatever reasons he deems are justified. This is an example of an anarchist who has his own court of law for me.

"COMPLAIN to the City of San Francisco about this woman."
"Is that the way an ethical Notary acts? [you mean, by filing valid lawsuits against anonymous defaming posters such as yourself? [Note: Wollmann's Motion to Strike Entire Complaint was Denied on May 5, 2010] Yes! I'm a public servant professional who detects fraud and identity theft] Is that the way a SANE person acts? SFPD please take this maniac off the streets! SHEESH!" [A psychopath can't comprehend people change, life changes over time. You can't hold a notary public hostage in your perverted court of nonsense].

7. Does the County and City of San Francisco know of Merrill's virulent anti-gay and anti-lesbian diatribes? [Talk about delusional!! OMG, this guy is so off his rocker writing this stuff - he's clearly in need of meds}

If CALDA, NNA, the Women's Network of Entrepeneurs, and Lawyers & Legal Professionals using JD Supra, etc. didn't know about her history, criminal records, and overall paranoid, obsessive, unethical and sickening behavior, they will now. Merrill seeks "dirt' on attorneys who respond to her frivolous complaints. [this is really revealing since it shows the individual is clearly involved in the dispute to write such a thing.] She would be a hypocrite if she didn't welcome all these organizations being made aware of all the "dirt" on her.
This man is clearly jealous. This is an example of a Nazi fascist who believes I have no rights that I should be ejected from my domicile city and that people should storm troop in protest of me, my business(es) and carry me off somewhere. This is what men did to women in the dark ages, carrying them off to burn at the stake over their imaginary beliefs.

The guy who keeps writing this stuff should consider it ends up here on this blog for visitors to evaluate for themselves along with factual evidence provided about my two lawsuits. To see how a cyber operates to defame his victims, check out the testimony of the Court Hearing Transcript. It shows how these guys write anonymously about their victims with extreme contempt of their being alleged criminals.

The recent posts were created with an anonymous proxy program and the cowardly cyber uses Windows NT 5.1 - this is evidence I can u
se regardless:

Injection-Info: feeder.eternal-september.org;
logging-data="24692"; mail-complaints-to=
User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; I; Windows NT 5.1; en-
EU; rv:

Each cyber punk's post also gets rated and responded to with factual information of the true state of reality, as well as reported to Google for posting my home address information. Cyber #1 has a restraining order hearing scheduled March 12. Cyber #2 already has a restraining order he received on September 23, 2009. Both cyber punks are defendants in two separate lawsuits. Those are the facts!

The National Notary Association always acts for the public good during times of disaster asking its notaries to donate to such tragedies such as the Haitian earthquake.
It's so sad people are struggling for their lives in Haiti while such a parasite as this cyber has a dark hedonistic primal urge to spend his time maligning complete strangers on-line rather than doing something good on behalf of others. Mr. Cyber loves to feel that burning sensation within his hedonistic anti-soul that he's got power and control over his victim.

The Court will be doing a Google search to view the fruits of this cyber's labors and assessing damages accordingly thereof.