Friday, January 1, 2010

A Good Year Ahead in 2010 in Spite of Demonic Entities

Yahoo, it's 2010!! I've got my health, money, my independence and everything I need to last me the next couple of years, including tons of dehydrated Neapolitan Ice Cream!

Since 2009 I've been a free woman, without an oppressive job or boss. I've worked desk jobs since way back in 1979, but now I meet new people daily and each day presents something new to lear
n. If I wanted, I could take a cruise go to Europe and do whatever I want if I so choose. I've got my passport ready.

When complete strangers on the Internet try to commit injustices against me, I now have the legal skills to put up resistance in a big way. At some point those who try to mess with me are going to realize it's not worth it, that it's a sign of mental illness to want to argue over petty issues that cost them thousands of dollars and numerous hours of their time to deal with.

When a complete stranger walks into his local community judge to lie without my being present to defend myself, my response will be another lawsuit.
There is no law preventing people from filing lawsuits! People usually think that can't happen because it's too risky, but the courts only rarely award the prevailing party attorney's and legal costs if it's a non-contract case.

So the moral of the story is maybe go visit a local doctor to deal with your problems instead of taking it out on complete strangers. I have a copyright and another tort lawsuit waiting in the wings for the next foolish move. A mentally healthy person would sign the reasonable settlement agreement and put an end to it all.

Judges like settlement agreements like the one I presented. It simply won't bode well for the other party to not accept its very simple terms.

I'm all set for 2010.